This will make your day. The new Normann Copenhagen catalogue showcases the latest collection in elegantly styled, minimalistic environments. Take a tour through Normann Copenhagen’s universe and get creative inspiration for your decor starting in the hallway and moving throughout the various spaces of the home.


The Normann Copenhagen collection has grown explosively during the latest years and 2013 was the most productive year in Normann Copenhagen´s history. The ambition to create an even more versatile and complete collection continues in 2014.

This season a total of 18 novelties will see the light of day.

Discover classic and contemporary furniture pieces of high-quality craftsmanship, an expanded selection of lamps, new soft and lovely textiles and innovative accessories in stunning colors. Spring 2014 offers lots of exciting options for adding a fresh new touch to your home.

 normann-copenhagen-ss2014-4 normann-copenhagen-ss2014-3-600x375

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