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In the blink of an eye, smart design becomes smarter with more impressive, more creative and trendier options for your home. Italian design studio, Tipic, have launched Tulèr  – quite possibly the smartest addition to any kitchen, and we are impressed.

Tulèr is a project by Tipic studio and was developed(and financed) by Marmo Arredo. With just a simple hand gesture, a sink appearing out of the surface of the countertop is just one of the technologies included in their design. When the sink is not needed, it sits flush with the surface of the counter to make it part of the quartz surface.

Offmat gesture remote control tap and sink, induction cooking, phone charger & hidden scale

Waving your hand over the motion sensor built into the surface of the stone triggers the base of the sink to lower through a piston mechanism and automatically activates the tap. Additional gestures can be used to control the temperature and flow of the water.

We thought about a basin that could be flat, that you can work on, and then with sensors inside the marble or quartz, with a simple gesture of your hand like magic the top opens and you have a sink.

– Tipic co-founder, Tommaso Corà

In addition to the motion sink, there is a kitchen scale built into the worktop that uses pressure sensors to weigh ingredients. This is visible as an area of the stone surface with a ring of light around it – the light turns blue and then red in increments to show weights of up to two kilograms. Other electrical functions hidden beneath the surface include induction heating hobs, power switches and phone charges which are seamlessly hidden under the countertops so that they are invisible when not in use.

The beauty of this workspace is that you don’t have to touch anything while cooking, so it is kept clean. The innovative idea is new while using existing technology to create something useful and trendy for your home. The designers hope to connect this device to a recipe app in later versions, to replicate ingredient measurements to the gram.

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