With its utilitarian look, rope seems to be cropping up all over the place. Check out, for example, the rope electrical cord by Doktor and Misses, which is featured in the Wishlist of our latest issue (Issue 77: Revamp). We love it!

Doktor and Misses rope cord product

We love finding creative ways to define an open-plan space, and nothing thrills us more if it is an easy, affordable solution. Case in point: this rope wall featured on The Brick House and made by Shelly Leer from the fab decor tutorial blog, ModHomeEc, for her large, open-plan warehouse space in Indianapolis.

assembling a rope wall


home divide

The warehouse was one big space that needed separate zones without loosing the feeling of openness. The functionality of the space was key as the workshop is used for many different purposes. The rope wall allows light in to the different areas while creating an individual sense of  space. The raw rope has a chunky feel and gives the space a graphic warm texture.

assembling the rope wall for the brick house.

The rope was pre-cut and the wooden strips above and below where custom-built with evenly spaced rope-sized holes for the knots. Visit Shelly’s blog to find out how you can make this yourself.