I recently watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi, the beautiful story of an 85-year-old Japanese sushi master’s continuing quest to perfect the art of making sushi. Jiro is the owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro, a Michelin three-star restaurant, but he lives in a humble house and rides to work on his bicycle. He has dedicated his life to his skill and is content with just that.


It’s a story that makes you want to re-evaluate and streamline your own life – to focus on what you’re good at and take care of what you have rather than constantly seeking change and filling your life with more possessions. Few of us ever succeed at this, which may be why we have such deep admiration for those who do.


Images: Laureen with Frans Smit, with the girls from Supernatural and braving the windy, rainy Cape weather

South Africa has two rare examples in, first, Mahatma Gandhi and Madiba – inspired and selfless men who dedicated their lives to something they believed in. It’s no surprise that this single-mindedness is reflected in the homes they occupied during defining moments in their lives – and in this issue we feature both, as a salute and an invitation to reflect on a simpler way of being.
We think of it as a spring awakening.

For the time being I’ve had to accept that it will be several years before I achieve my goal of living like chef Jiro. I am not without dedication – only for now my focus is on contributing to a thriving economy.


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