Framed Fabric | 'Spoutnik' (Emeraude) both from the Architectonique Collection by Boussac R5 840/m, Mavromac

We just can’t get enough of velvet at the moment! Traditionally made from threads of silk, today there are many varieties available from splendid pure velvet through to more budget friendly velveteen, velour and corduroy.

The Fabric Library | Elle Decoration
From top left clockwise | ‘La Traviata’ (Citron from the Opera collection R545/m, St Leger & Viney | ‘York’ (15) R542/m, U&G Fabrics | ‘Velvet Teatro’ (366) R1 324/m Mavromac | ‘York’ (02) R542/m, U&G Fabrics



In our latest Ideas Issue, we present you with the 2016 Fabric Library, our guide to the very latest in textile trends, information and ideas. We show you our top choices, where to get them, how to care for them and ideas for how and where to use them. As a bonus, we also asked industry experts for their advice. It really is a very helpful tool, whether you are a designer or homeowner.


The Fabric Library | Elle Decoration
The Fabric Library | Photographed by Jessie Bell | Production Sanri Pienaar Production | Assistant Heidi van Bergen

Royalty and the upper class were traditionally the only people who could afford velvet, owing to it’s high cost. Then it fell out of fashion for a while, but it’s back with a vengeance both on the catwalk and on the coach.

Use velvet for:

  • upholstering furniture – from seating to headboards –
  • as well for curtains
  • and wallpaper.
The Fabric Library | Elle Decoration
Framed Fabric: ‘Arrugado Andaluz’ (Cobalt) by Christian Lacroix R5 328/m, Home Fabrics

Velvet is easily damaged though, so should be dry cleaned and carefully maintained. Store it in such a way that you will not flatten the pile, cause creases or forms lumps. It also requires special care when sewing.


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