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We love an elegant, traditional wedding, but with time certain trends sway our decision when it comes to choosing the elements that make up our dream day. DECO presents you with unique ways to personalise your wedding without losing the charm.

You naturally want to make your wedding a day to remember, for yourself as well as your guests, so why not change it up a bit with venues, colours, activities and atmosphere. Think fresh wedding ideas, with a slight twist on the old classics – you don’t want your special day to lose that “wedding” feel.

Pick one or two modern or non-traditional touches and play with that.

Your Venue

When the time comes to plan your wedding, we all know that the first task at hand is to find the perfect venue. You may have attended a wedding where you fell in love with the venue or you may simply have no idea – this is when you turn to Google.

Take this time to explore and add a little fun to the process. Why not choose a spot where no one you know has had their wedding? Don’t only resort to the top venues Google shows. Go out of town and explore beautiful places – some of these may not even be wedding venues. This gives you even more reason to explore the possibility of creating a unique space. Forrest and farm weddings where nature provides colours, textures and views that no décor can compare to, are very trendy. Go and find a beautiful open space for your ceremony or contact a little farm who has an empty barn and a beautiful view.

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Our recommendation

Shepstone garden in Johannesburg oozes natural beauty with it’s glass roof, historic building. Whether your wedding is formal or less so, the venue’s allure caters to it all.

The oak forrest of Beloftebos in Stanford with its 130 year old trees forming a natural green rooftop to your ceremony.

Why White?

The white wedding dress tradition first became popular with Victorian era elites after Queen Victoria wore a white lace dress at her wedding. So does this mean we have to stick to this tradition? Adding subtle colour to your wedding gown has become more and more acceptable, and it will be that unusual touch to show your personality and style. Key word here is subtle – you want to glow walking down the isle, not distract everyone with too much colour and pattern.

First dress from Style Me Pretty / Second Dress By Chantel Lauren

Make It A Weekend

Before you know it, it’s all over. Months of planning and preparation have gone into a few hours and you wish you could stop time. If you want your family and friends to stick around for longer, why not make it a wedding weekend? Some venues cater to the weekend wedding tradition where you can book out the accommodation – have a casual braai the night before and a laugh about the memories at breakfast the morning after. This is a particularly good idea when your venue is far from home and you have guests who do not all know each other. Get the small talk over with the night before so the wedding day is nothing but fun for all.

Our Recommendation

The Nutcracker wedding venue known for its elegance and style in the countryside, is 1 and a half hour drive from Johannesburg providing an ideal getaway for your weekend wedding.

Langdam Guest Farm in the Koo Valley outside of Cape Town is a new, versatile wedding venue filled with country charm, fresh air and exquisite views. The perfect spot for a weekend wedding celebration.

All Images Courtesy Of Langdam Guest Farm

Think Local

Bare in mind that what you see on Pinterest is not always available in your region or South Africa at all. When pinning your dream flower bouquet, think about the season and region you are having your wedding in. Using dried berry branchesleaves and other greenery as appose to only flowers is more trendy, and often a more economical option.

Our Recommendation

Oopsie Daisy Flowers in Durban brings a bouquet to life creating unique bouquets for your big day.

The Holloway Shop based in Cape Town will be able to tell you what flowers will suit your perfect day using local flora.

Image Courtesy Of The Holloway Shop

The Naked Cake

Ever heard of the expression less is more? Well this applies to cakes too. With many different style options to choose from, the bare cake trend gives an understated, classy option when it’s reflecting pops of colour. A few bright blooms artfully arranged around the base and tucked between tiers adds to the whimsical, romantic look. Another non-traditional cake option for the less sweet-toothed is a tower of different cheese options.

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