Welcome to Country’s new look! In this issue we set out to celebrate all things winter with warm textures, gleaming metallics, blankets, fireplaces, comfortable couches, country crafts and much, much more. We know that you as our readers are modern-day trend hunters and gatherers who just can’t help collecting beautiful things. That is why we pay special attention to collections and new ways of displaying them. Collections don’t have to be antiques, heirlooms or pricey.  They are simply what you love, arranged and rearranged over time.  Rush out now to get your copy.


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Turn up the heat with Winter’s most-loved colours made all the more welcoming with interesting patterns and textures.


Venture beyond the cling-wrapped white variety in supermarket fridges and discover an exciting world of flavour.


A fresh crop of country craftspeople who are putting the art back into country crafts.


Our selection of the best blankets gathered from all over the country  to keep you warm this winter.


Some of our favourite roadside eateries from around the country.


From New York to Hopefield, we show you some of the word’s most beautiful homes. Exploring ways of living with treasured collections, we visit a seaside home at De Kelders (p86), a filled-to-the-brim Stanford home (p104), and artist’s SoHo loft (p114), a West Coast farmhouse with a French twist (p124) and a Parisian traveller’s apartment (p136).


One way of keeping your treasured displays fresh is by continually introducing new pieces; we show you how.

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