Yet another highlight from the Milan Furniture Fair 2014 was the preview of Mutina’s Tierras, a new collection of tiles and air bricks by Patricia Urquiola. It is the kind of work that stops you in your tracks. Literally.

In the DECOLab section of our latest #BigIdeaIssue95 we give you a comprehensive guide to the newest techniques, the smartest buys, and the most practical tips when updating floors, surfaces and walls with tiles. If this had been launched when we went to print, these would be all over the magazine. We are obsessed.


mutinacollage 09-mutina-urquiola-tierras

“I needed a genuine, tactile matter, not pretending to look like something different to what it is. I was looking for a warm element, both visually and by touching it with my hands. Something that reminds you of a familiar matter, as per the terracotta and the lava, while wanting to be something different.” Patricia Urquiola


“With what I hope is a contemporary spirit, I want to explain a new concept for “neutral”, starting from a recycled ceramic base that combines with other materials: clays and stratifications with its natural look or marked with a touch. This proposal wants to be a coming back to what is essential, a coming back home. A new essential, a new home.” Patricia Urquiola