I’ve only renovated once, and apart from the headaches we got from lunatic neighbours, I reckon the worst part was shopping for tiles. Weekends spent dejectedly wandering the beige- and stone-hued aisles of tile shops was enough to put me off renovating ever again.

But if we’d lived anywhere near Sausalito, California, our dilemma would have been quite different. The incredible handmade tiles at Heath Ceramics would probably still see us wandering in a daze, unable to choose from all the fabulousness.

These are from Heath’s Dimensional Collection, all of which date back to the 1950s and 60s, and which are now in constant production.

And for renovators with less of a penchant for retro, but who fancy the idea of lying in the bath and playing Tetris, these fun Shipping Container tiles by Jason Miller are for you.
Inspired by the piles of shipping containers, Miller’s multicoloured tiles give a stylish twist to the way we see the dockside wasteland.
C’mon tile shops. No more excuses for aisles of beige tiles any more, right?