Not to be bossy, but if your Christmas decorations are not yet down, and your tree is shedding needles all over the living room, I simply have to be the one to break the news: it really is time to be moving on. Christmas is SO last season! To inspire you to make the move, my faithful Hungarian source of great ideas, Szofi, has sent through this intriguing link.

London artist and designer Fabien Cappello has been gathering up some of the 1.8 million Christmas trees that end up being put out with the bins on London’s streets every January.


As part of his graduate project at the Royal College of Art, Cappello used the discarded trees to make furniture, using every part of them, including the needles, which form a kind of compressed board.




Read more about this intrigiung project and the thoughts behind it at this article on Dezeen, and also at Fabien Cappello’s website.