Home Moffatt as seen in our Slow Living issue. Styling Sven Alberding Photographs Greg Cox for Bureaux

Homeowners James Moffatt and Marc Watson offered some charming tips on making a house your own, and inviting the warmth and chaos of life in. This Johannesburg home altered by architect Kate Otten features in our Slow Living issue on shelf now.

Moffat and Watson’s Tips for Making a House Your Own

Embrace natural light and use it as a feature wherever possible.
‘The skylights in the gallery punch pools of light from above that move as the sun moves through the day.’

Create warmth and nostalgia with natural materials.
‘When we first came here, it was cold, but as we walked into the house, we were met with the lovely warm scent of the wood.’

‘We have dogs and they’re crazy,’ says Watson, ‘so it’s really important that we don’t get fussed by living.’ Styling Sven Alberding Photographs Greg Cox for Bureaux

Let your interiors reflect your personality and style.
‘For us, it’s really important to create a living space that aligns with how we feel about design.’

Don’t overthink it.
‘There’s no real approach – it’s a bit of a mish-mash. We believe a home should be accidentally beautiful. We don’t want to overthink anything. If we think something is wonderful and it brings us joy, it needs to find a place.’

Design a home that suits your lifestyle, not the other way around.
‘The house has to accommodate some mess. We like things to have a place and a sense of aesthetic, but at the same time, things must fit into our lifestyle.’

Styling Sven Alberding Photographs Greg Cox for Bureaux

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