Weylandts are launching their very first clothing line, The TM Collection “a fashion philosophy with a global heart.

Roots. Vegetal. Origami Folding Emotions. Japanese Garden. Far From Man, Close To Gods. The names say it all. TM Collection is like a global smorgasbord of earthily sensual textures and looks.

This evocative nomadic-spirited collection will launch this Spring at Weylandts in Kramerville and Green Point, adding yet another layer to the richly textured, curated lifestyle offering that Weylandts fans have become accustomed to finding in their home store.

Chris Weylandt: “Teresa Martins’ TM Collection is a natural fit with our philosophy and our vision. We go far afield to seek out the unusual and the exotic. Everything we sell tells a story and speaks of an appreciation of craftsmanship. When my partner Kim Smith and I discovered TM, it was one of those light bulb moments. There was absolutely no question that the TM is a seamless extension of Weylandts living and style.”

TM Collection founder Teresa Martins’ organic design style and creative energy flows from ocean to earth. This Lisbon-born designer and textile lover started out with a degree in marine biology, later putting her hand to designing clothing, accessories and home furnishings. The common thread being that everything from Teresa’s drawing board is grounded in the natural world and has exquisite attention to texture, embellishment and fibre.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our customers another aspect of living that is a natural extension of our Weylandts philosophy,” said Chris Weylandt.

“TM Collection is about creating beauty within a textile universe, away from the established standards of fashion trends,” says Teresa, who uses natural fibres and hand-loomed fabrics, as the base for all her designs.

She treats all her cottons, linens, silks and wools as a ‘canvas’ upon which she paints with vegetable dyes or layers with pattern and embroidery embellishment.

Her approach is to use ‘simple, loose and versatile blocks’ of fabric that work with the natural attributes of the textiles and free the body from restrictive form. The result: garments that float ethereally over the body in layers, using colours, patterns and textures that look inspired by Indian spice markets, African wilderness, Japanese botanicals and touches that feel Balkan or Grecian in origin.

The TM Collection will be available at Weylandts in Green Point and Kramerville from 12 September 2013.

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Congratulations to Natasha Day, Paula Eindhorn, Nicola Smith , Tammy Pearce and Kathy Cassells for winning double tickets to the launch party in Greenpoint.Your names will be on the VIP list.