After having a Saturday morning coffee  perched on a beautifully-made little steel stool at Brewers & Union, I decided that I needed one or two of these at home. So, as one does these days, I turned to Google to discover more.

An image search with the keywords “steel stacking stool” hit paydirt immediately, and I discovered that my coffee had been enjoyed atop a genuine French classic: the Tolix H Stool of varnished steel with nifty rubber feet for a soft landing, and a cunning mechanism that allows for stacking has been de rigeur in French cafes since 1934.

Tolix stool

Tolix stool2What Google was unable to tell me was where I could find two of these in Cape Town, but my eyes are now peeled for ’em. In the meantime, I’ll just have to pay more regular visits to Brewers & Union to visit my new favourite four-legged friends.