Last week we showed you this extraordinary designer’s new collection inspired by “a misspent youth spent in the London warehouse club scene”. See it here.

Today we shake things up a bit and throw in a little ‘ambrosia of the Gods’. Tom Dixon’s new Plum Cocktail Collection is a series of barware that

brings cocktail culture and drinks traditions into a contemporary universe.


The bulbous, forms that dominate this retro-chic set include a new form for the cocktail shaker–a large belly and tapered ends allow for a firmer grip and more balanced shaking while the slim end cap doubles as a jigger. Hand-cut, mouth-blown spherical glass vases, ice bucket, champagne bucket, lemon squeezer and swizzle sticks are refined statement pieces.

Ice Bucket
PLUM SHAKER: The futuristic copper-plated cocktail shaker with large belly and tapered ends allows a firmer grip and more balanced shaking. The slim end cap also functions as a spirit measure.
Champagne Bouquet
Kitchen Tongs
PLUM Squeezer is a lemon squeezer.
Swizzle Sticks

Formed from glass and copper, each piece offers an attractive functionality to the restaurant, bar and home. Each glass item is mouth-blown and hand-cut.

A welcome addition to any home, restaurant or bar, this collection is the way forward in terms of  fixing a decent cocktail.