Having an office at home provides scores of options for productivity-boosting decor: create a space that fits seamlessly into your home’s overall aesthetic, or go out on a limb and kit out a room to reflect your greatest ambitions.

In the black

Monochromatic spaces produce a serious mood – ideal for making important business decisions or coming up with creative concepts. Choose surfaces that polish to a high shine – like marble, aluminum, leather and enamel – to reflect your bright ideas.


What are the key elements when designing a home office?

Natural light, giving yourself a view that inspires you and having furniture pieces that are both beautiful and functional.

How should one choose an office chair?

Ergonomics are key, as you must be comfortable. Having said that, an iconic design Eames chair is always a winner. They’ve been around for decades for multiple reasons.

Three must-haves for a home office?

A sophisticated lamp, an iconic chair, greenery and art that inspires you…. Sorry, that’s four must-have items!

What home automation should one include in a home office?

Wireless electronics are very helpful and reduce limitations on where furniture should be placed when setting up your office. La Grange and other brands provide great multi-purpose electric wall sockets that will reduce the adaptors-onto-adaptors situation.

How should one choose the perfect desk?

A desk should be the statement piece, as it’s the anchor piece of furniture. I believe the desk needs to represent you.

Stationery storage ideas?

Your desk should have pieces on it that inspire you and possibly items you’ve acquired on your travels or that have been passed from generation to generation. These could be wooden boxes in which you can store stationery or a beautiful vase in which to keep your pens.

Keep a desk looking sleek and tidy by colour-coding accessories and stationery. For a more decorative effect, top stacked books and papers with a glass paperweight.


Key elements when designing a home office?

• Make sure it’s a space slightly away from the daily happenings in your home, so that you’re less distracted and more focused there.

• A home office can have a lot more of a home feel than a work office – design and decorate it to work with the rest of the home, so that it still feels more like a part of your house than an office which is intruding on your living space.

•Ensure you have all the basic items you need to function properly: a desk, a chair and a laptop. Working from home needn’t mean sitting on the sofa with a laptop literally on your lap!

•Introduce personality in the form of memorabilia.

Latest trends in home offices?

Minimalistic comfort. Gone are the days of being surrounded by thick black files and old, tattered books to show that the home office was also a space meant for serious business. An organic natural wooden desk, mixed with a modern chair and a high-tech light, are on trend, made funky with natural touches. This is the way future design is heading.

How should one choose an office chair?

My guiding principle is that ‘form follows function’. In this case, comfort and use are more important than the style and look of the chair. There are days when you have tons of office admin to get through and that fancy chair just won’t cut it. You need something that will support your back and height, with adjustable armrests and a tilt-and-swivel mechanism. If possible, the chair should still complement your overall decor, but your first priority must be comfort.

You can afford to be extra-creative in a home office as it’s really an extension of your personal space; unlike formal, corporate environment, at-home storage space can be light-hearted and fun.


A classic home office needn’t be staid. Get adventurous with its decor. The most important pieces of furniture are the desk and chair. Think big and choose contemporary designs that will stand the test of time


What are the latest trends in home offices?

Less is more. Consider scanning documents and saving them on a USB instead. Why not swap that big stage unit for floating shelves mounted on the wall, or put old shoe boxes to use? Create a more refined-looking space by adding beautifully framed photographs.

Can you suggest storage ideas for a home office?

Floating shelves can be mounted on the wall, saving you space and adding a modern, is ideal for displaying beautifully framed photographs, inspiring quotations and other things. A statement chandelier lends a bit of glam to a home office and a glass table is always very sophisticated, clean look. Putting greenery on these shelves will also make your office look more alive. Glass jars and decorative boxes are inexpensive, economical on space and great for storing stationery. Storage ottomans are also a good choice because they double as seating.

Can you suggest unique design ideas for a home office?

A chalkboard wall means you can write your schedule on it immediately after brainstorming sessions. A gallery wall is ideal for displaying beautifully framed photographs, inspiring quotations and other things. A statement chandelier lends a bit of glam to a home office and a glass table is always very sophisticated.


There’s no need to divide bedroom and office if you’ve got a cool collection of objects to display on a desk which also serves as a shelf. Achieve a seamless effect by using furniture that looks appropriate in a bedroom, but is also functional.