The kitchen is the new heart of the home. We asked top designers and kitchen experts to weigh in on how to create a winning space.


Effortlessly cool, this style is defined by warm, earthy tones, textural interplay and modern layout solutions.

‘Warm natural selections – clay, chestnut, gold and ginger – form my action palette for the upcoming season. Think about nature’s influence and reflections in colouring: terracotta-coloured soil up to the green hues of the wilderness.’ – says Matthew de Beyer, DB Design Studio

Wellness –  a concept more than a specific look – addresses the rise of well-being as a luxury. Unfriendly, pretentious show kitchens are over. Instead, large windows, space for plants and herbs, easy-care products, such as engineered stone, room for displaying art, elements that incorporate nature, large sinks, purified water, ample traffic flow and steam ovens are some of the attributes of a kitchen designed for an overall feeling of wellness.’

Booth seating is a hot ticket. The kitchen is the control centre of the home. If floor space isn’t generous, prohibiting a typical dining cluster, then I’ll look into booth or banquette seating along the perimeter.’ – Matthew de Beyer

Kitchens are more and more becoming the heart of the home – an open space around which social activities revolve, and then usually around a large central island. Weʻre now seeing not only one, but a two-part island: one for food prep and another for dining/entertaining/working.ʻ – Stefanie Balkind, Slab Studio

‘Ensure that you’re able to separate the lighting in your kitchen to change from a working environment to setting the mood.’ – Daniel Slavin, Slavin Kitchens


Create a sophisticated space with smooth, glossy surfaces and statement flooring in an elegant palette

‘Extractors are available in attractive art forms and can be used as features and talking points.’ – Stefan Marais, Optima Kitchens

For an instant update, swap out your taps with any of the more modern shapes and finishes available. This is a great and achievable change that can make a big difference. Local suppliers with unique taps on o er include CTM, Italtile and Still Bathrooms. – Heather Boting, interior designer

‘Firstly, consider the functionality – how the space will be used. See the kitchen as a living space where the cabinetry must be designed as separate elements themselves. Then consider the materials that will bring an authentic feel to the space. Finally, the details matter and considering each one of them is what we work hard at.’ – Philip Richards, Blu_line

Add an accent colour to your design with glamorous gold or cool black tiles. For a seamless, sophisticated finish, opt for glass.

Your kitchen surfaces are the hardest-working items in your home. Thus, you need to choose surfaces that are durable and reliable. With the kitchen being your best asset in terms of resale value in a home, this is where your financial investment needs to be
considered. Genuine Caesarstone is an engineered quartz surface that is made to last a lifetime and is globally recognised for its quality. Being completely non-porous, it also offers a hygienic cooking experience and low-maintenance cleaning.’ – Megan Schumann, Caesarstone South Africa


Conservative colour choice has seen a modern-day resurgence. The use of brass and copper, and more innovative design ups its 21st-century relevance

Individualism is key. Consumers want to put their own personal stamp on how their kitchen is designed. Up the green factor by incorporating a living element in the space, especially herbs, eliminate certain waste with Franke trash compactors and utilise recyclable multi-bins from Halo. – Stefan Marais

‘When planning a kitchen and dining space, take your lifestyle into account: amateur master chefs versus heat-and- eat lifestyle, size of the family and needs of the people using the kitchen and eating areas.’ – Stefan Marais

‘Opt for a bench seat on one side of the table. Then add some complementary modern-style dining chairs that can be swapped later for a quick update to the other side.’ – Heather Boting

Use a strong accent colour, such as glossy black, or a textured granite to create a focal point in a neutral scheme. – Sanri Pienaar, Decor Stylist: ELLE DECORATION

South African homes have the advantage of space, which allows an island to be incorporated into the kitchen. This layout provides practicality and functionality, which go hand in hand.’ – Daniel Slavin

Environmentally friendly kitchens start with the layout – your carbon footprint begins by considering how you move in the space. Secondly, consider your waste systems and thirdly, consider the materials being used. – Philip Richards


A single shade of pastel used throughout is great fun. Combine it with black and patterned surfaces for a contemporary edge.

‘Customising a kitchen is about detail and difference, creating a space nuanced by quality surfaces, materials, fixtures, and fittings.’– Matthew de Beyer