As the cool weather approaches, heat up your lounge area with our selection of tips, ideas, and updates.


Paddington House by Fiona Lynch Photo by Sharyn Cairns

Liven up a neutral palette by incorporating pops of colour in the form of vessels, soft furnishings or foliage. A blank canvas is a great opportunity for mixing and matching.


Often, all that is needed to freshen up a room is a selection of carefully considered collectibles in a range of shapes, materials and finishes. Reflect your personality by displaying special ornaments, books, wall hangings or artworks that mean something to you.

Lugano Apartment by Dimore Studio Photo by Paola Pansini
Scandinavian Zen by Olga Fradina Interior Design Photo by Andrey Avdeenko

Winter calls for cosy decorating, which can easily be achieved with ottomans, pouffes, scatter cushions and throws, resulting in a comfortable, homey aesthetic.

Walls and Floors

Because they form the majority of a living area, walls and floors are essential surfaces that can make or break your space. There’s a plethora of treatments from which to choose, but be sure to go for something that won’t date, rather than fleeting trends.

Sleek, chic and sophisticated, dark floors will balance out light decor and work well in a spot with an abundance of natural light.

RM0500 ottoman by House Doctor


Walls painted in rich, deep hues will help give a cooler room the illusion of warmth.

Casa Fayette Hotel by Dimore Studio


Not only do curtains shield against nippy drafts and create a snug feel, they can also be used to divide an open-plan layout.

Fudge Lounge by Amr Moussa


When deciding what flooring is best for you, take into account your lifestyle. Laminate is made from pressed wood, meaning it’s durable and resistant to wear and tear, while glazed ceramic tiles don’t let in moisture and are easy to clean, making them ideal if you have children or pets. Although there are cheap alternatives out there, high-quality flooring
is a worthy long-term investment that will serve you well for years.

Warmth and Texture

While under floor heating is a straightforward and effective method of combatting the chill (visit for more), introducing tactile elements and textiles will help you warm up a room with ease.

Hotel St George


There’s something to be said for environmentally friendly heating solutions, proving that fireplaces still have a big part to play in homes today. For a Mid-Century Modern-type look, opt for a stylish and retro free-standing version.

Lugano Apartment by Dimore Studio Photo by Paola Pansini


If your sofas and armchairs have slipcovers, swap summer upholstery for heavier fabrics such as velvet, leather and wool. Alternatively, bring warmth to existing seating via throws, quilts and blankets in mohair, fleece and cashmere. As for colours, blues and greys are calming, practical and go with just about anything.

Paddington House by Fiona Lynch Photo by Sharyn Cairns


A room’s atmosphere is largely determined by its lighting, so consider dimmers and know what effect you want to achieve before installing any fittings

Nobis Suite from Nobis Hotel Copenhagen


Low-hanging pendant lights are alluring focal points that will draw attention to high ceilings and result in arresting pools of illumination. Distribute them individually, clustered together or at alternating levels, depending on what you want to accentuate.


Whether floor-standing, directional or placed on a table, use lamps to highlight designs and carve out pockets of intimacy.

Milano Solferino by Dimore Studio Photo by Beppe Brancato


What would a living room be without a complementary contrast of furniture in varying styles, sizes and shapes? Draw inspiration from our round-up of essentials

(from top, left) 1. Safari sling chair from R6 100, The Private House Company; 401 Break armchair by Cassina R46 280, True Design; Volley Chair swivel base armchair by Resident from R22 600,; Nicci Nouveau armchair R44 592, Okha; Fil Noir armchair by Minotti R54 000, Limeline; 2. Brasilia high cabinet R16 999, Sedgars; Kyoto server R23 857, Mezzanine; Hoffmeyer shelf R13 900, La Grange Interiors; black epoxy shelves R5 990, LIM; 3. Connect sofa by Muuto from R58 245, CRÉMA; Hadley day-bed R15 199,; DIVA sofa R17 200, Klooftique; Big Easy sofa R79 329, Okha; Nohr sofa R21 899,; Moonshine couch R19 707, Mezzanine; 4. Bronze mirror cube side-table R2 990, LIM; Reze side-table from R11 620, Roche Bobois; Kyoto side-table R5 083, Mezzanine; Chinnu lamp tables R2 999 for a set of two, Coricraft; Marble Patch side-table R11 600, Egg Designs

Text: Karen Tennent; Compiled by Sanri Pienaar