THE NEW GUARD - Photographs: Justin Patrick / Production @IlanaSwan @bielleross / Production assistant @sanripienaar / Lighting @CremaDesign1234 / Furniture @okhainteriors & Leon at CCXIX / Rug: Gonsenhausers Fine Rugs (left). WILD POSIES - Photographs: Ross Hillier Production @bielleross (right).

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favour and start following ELLE DECO on Pinterest today! And as if you’d need any further encouragement, here are our top 5 reasons to follow us:

More than a bunch of pretty pictures, Pinterest has become the new search engine for the discerning user.

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À LA MODE / Photographs: Kope | Figgins / Production @IlanaSwan @bielleross Assistant: @sanripienaar / Food Stylist: Maranda Engelbrecht Production / Fashion Stylist: Kelly Withey (left). RAISE YOUR GLASS / Photographs: Justin Patrick / Production @IlanaSwan / Production assistant @sanripienaar (right).

ELLE DECO has relaunched on Pinterest with a definitive intention – to bring you the best in world class imagery and stories from our past and present magazines, all indexed in one seamless and coherent place. Here’s why you should follow along:

1. Expertly curated visuals

THE NEW GUARD – Photographs: Justin Patrick / Production @IlanaSwan @bielleross / Production assistant @sanripienaar / Lighting @CremaDesign1234 / Furniture @okhainteriors & Leon at CCXIX / Rug @artisanrugs

Most Pinterest boards feature images that are loved and revered that are pinned by others. Our images are owned by DECO and feature the kinds of inspirational stories you’ve come to expect from our magazine.


2. Pure DECO inspiration for Home, Lifestyle, Food, Travel and so much more!

Whether you’re looking for recipes, travel destinations, home furnishing as well as all the trends, we’ve got it for you all under one beautifully appointed roof.

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DECO ONLINE / Photograph: Justin Patrick Stylist @sanripienaar (left). JE NE SAIS QUOI / Photographs: Justin Patrick / Production @IlanaSwan / Production assistant @sanripienaar (right).

3. All your decorating needs in one place

Following on from the above, home decorating ideas and inspiration is the backbone of what we offer at DECO. Now you can search for all your decor and decorating needs without having to leave the page.


4. All the DECO magazines’ top stories

Loved a certain mag but now you can’t find it? Looking for a particular issue’s recipe or travel story? We’ll have all the highlights up and clearly arranged for ease of use – and you’ll never lose them again!

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Bread & Butter / Photographs @adel_ferreira / Production, Recipes & Styling: Maranda Engelbrecht / Location: Babylonstoren (left). The Bee’s Knees / Photographs Dirk Pieters / Production @IlanaSwan (right).

5. We’ll introduce you to the brands you need to know

At DECO, we’ve something of a cult following when it comes to top brands and our relationship with them. On our boards, we’ll introduce you to the need-to-know local and international brands we work with, so you can find them for yourselves.

What are you waiting for? Get following today!

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