From left: Dreamy Travis Heights bathroom with a vintage French chandelier; Wrought iron bannisters, playful faux bamboo and checkered tiles make for a statement entrance hall.

We first fell in love with her website and then became addicted to her Instagram feed. Erin Williamson has a decor fix for any design crisis and inspiration as hot as a summer revival. We stole a few minutes with this Texas design muse…

What is your main source of inspiration?

I love books and movies. I think I am always designing a story line for my projects with sets to accompany the action. As I get to know the clients better, the stories become richer and the sets become more elaborate and fully realized. It’s like staging a real life play.

A mid century home project in Austin, Texas is like a playground for adults.

What is Texas like, and has it influenced your style?

Texas is casual and unpretentious, but never shy. We like a dramatic flair, but we don’t put much stock in anything too buttoned up or precious. I’d like to think my work captures the same spirit and that people feel welcome in the spaces we create, while cultivating a sense of adventure to keep the conversation flowing. Let’s give them something to talk about!

Left: Marble anything is all the rage, as seen in Erin’s powder room. Right: The most stylish child’s room we are yet to find.

The way you write is so personal, humorous and very relatable, you must’ve made some incredible connections?

That is very flattering, thank you! I try to write like I speak, so I guess this is kind of my natural state of being – weird, a little anxious, and hopeful that people will still like me in the morning! Writing honestly has introduced me to so many amazing like-minded people, and I truly value the personal connections that I’ve made through my blog over the years. The human element is critical to my well being, and I wouldn’t be here today without that support.

It’s like staging a real life play.

Left: A beautiful blend of navy, abstract art, modern furniture and a Chesterfield sofa. Right: A mosaic backsplash underway at a lake house revamp.

What is the design philosophy of your company?

We feel strongly about providing individualized service. Each space is invested in with a separate identity and its own narrative that reflects the uniqueness of its inhabitants. I don’t think any of our projects particularly look alike, yet all share some conceptual similarities. We try to present a very clear vision that enhances the specific architecture of the space without cluttering things with too many decorative elements.

Left: Vintage Larsen fabric was used to reupholster a Pearsall chaise in #projectmidmod. Right: Don’t be shy when mixing material; metallic, prints, animal skin and weaves can all work together.

What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

There have been so many, all very different! Last year I furnished a quintessential mid century modern house where we used a lot of vintage pieces. This year I am designing a four-unit lake house with a quirky point of view, a large classic historic home with a modern edge, and a sexy sophisticated home on a ridge.


For the best of interior design inspiration follow Erin Williamson’s divine Instagram feed @sterinwilliamson and make sure you are up to date on her blog erinwilliamsondesign.com we know you will be hooked!


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