Take a walk on the wild side and be inspired by nature’s own this season – these patterns are fiercely bold and beautiful. Animal prints are a fashion favorite, and there’s an array of options to incorporate this trend into your home decor. In our Heritage issue, we rounded up the best-of-the best in exotic prints and accessories for you to shop the look. 

1. Egret painting  R9 200, Cecile & Boyd 2. Exotic Light cowhide R4 550, Design Store 3. Serpent rug by Kelly Wearstler R25 732, The Rug Company 4. Zambezi feather green occasional chair R8 500, Ardmore 5. Hippo cushion R850, Evolution Snake cushionfrom R7 450, Casarredo 6. Bvlgari Cleopatra Scarf R6 200, Picot & Moss 7. Zambezi River Chase in Silver ripple occasional chair R10 500, Ardmore 8. Feather Royal Fabric R1 047/m, Mavromac  9. Salsa Stool from R2 443, Woodbender 10. African Leopard from the Manor Collection from R2 493/m, St. Leger & Viney