Foxes aren’t really a part of the landscape in South Africa, but I’ve been noticing them popping up here and there as a popular motif lately. Look at what I’ve found:

I adore this illustration by Mignon Khargie for zand2ohs, and available from Thumbtack Press. (Remember Mignon’s Plate a Week project posted about a while back?).


cicada studios

This little fox pendant by Odd Bird been handpainted by artist Tara Campbell onto the back of an antique ivory domino. See more of Odd Bird’s domino jewellery here.

Quirky Etsy seller Lupin has this stitched felt fox available amongst other things in her felty menagerie.

Fourscore Fox in Forest wallet by Etsy seller Chikabird

By Jen Muskopf (via Design*Sponge) (via