Hello tropical decor! Any and every shade of green, combined with neutrals, timbers, plants and a pop of colour will leave the winter cold behind.

CREDITS: 1. Beat Light (stout white), R16 800, Créma 2. Beck Memo Block, R99, Country Road 3. Creep Planter,
R2 800, Dokter + Misses 4. Guatemala Forest wallpaper, R1 942 per roll, Black Fabrics 5. Elitis Design Opus fabric, R2 335.82p/m, St Leger & Viney 6. Cole&Son Palm Jungle wallpaper, R1 809.18 per roll, St Leger & Viney 7. Jiro small bowl, R179, Country Road 8. Burr side table, R9 695, Tonic 9. Dutz large oval vase, R2 595, Weylandts 10. Aloe, R195, Weylandts 11. Retro olive-green armchair, R81 995, JVB Interiors.

Compiled by Ilana Swanepoel