While paging through our latest Africa Issue you may have noticed a delicate yet robust looking lamp hanging in our main shoot. That lamp is the Ukhamba ‘Fan Lamp’ by Johanesburg-based studio Mema Designs and we at DECO think it’s worth chatting about. 


Sian Elit and Ari Geva’s collaboration allowed forty years experience between the duo and a year working through research and development of their design. In February 2015, Mema Designs launched the Ukhamba ‘fan lamp’ as their first product – a unique statement to the start of their company.

After thirty years of working as an engineer, Ari Geva decided to follow his long-time dream of making art. The timing was perfect for the two as Sian Elit had just discovered Arduino boards and interactive art, and was looking for an expert in electrons to join her in her new venture.

The lamp is formed by manipulating light weight aluminium mesh into different pleats and folds. The weightless, veil-like quality is due to the material’s dynamic, reflective characteristic.

Elle Deco SA

Images from memadesigns.co.za 

Visit the website: memadesigns.co.za

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