If your feet have ever grown tired from perusing an art gallery for hours, take comfort in the fact that you can now swim through one instead.

The Museuo Atlántico just opened last week in Lanzarote, Spain, and features incredible artworks by British eco-sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor. The installation is the first underwater contemporary art museum in Europe, and is located 46 feet beneath the sea’s surface, spanning about 164 x 164 feet of lifeless, sandy seabed.

Bear in the mind that the museum may give you the chills, and not because of the water temp. As you dive into the waters (snorkeling or scuba gear is provided), you’ll come across more than 200 life-sized human figures, taking part in everything from dallying on a swing set, gazing into pools of water or piling on top of each other in a ring-like formation.

The sculptures not only give you something to ponder as you swim the waters; they’re also environmentally friendly and have an important purpose beyond artistic enjoyment. The collection, which took two years to complete, was designed to serve as a large scale artificial reef. It was created with neutral pH materials to attract marine life, according to Business Insider.

Since the first pieces were placed in February 2016, it’s been working. The museum reports that it’s already spotted frequent visits from angel sharks, sardines, octopus, marine sponges and the occasional butterfly stingray. In other words, your art gallery visit may turn into a wildlife excursion, too.

“I hope that the Museo Atlántico of Lanzarote represents an entry point to a different world and promotes a better understanding of our precious marine environment and of how much we depend on it,” said Taylor and Pedro San Ginés, president of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, in a statement.

The museum is open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the last dive at 4 p.m and a dive costs €12.

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Images from designboom.com

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