Inspired by the Secretaire antique writing desk, the Genius Loci customisable modular kitchen by Valcucine combines concealed compartments and storage with hi-tech features and sophisticated design. Genius Loci (Latin for ‘spirit of place) goes beyond the functional to reflect a forward-thinking kitchen design.
Valcucine’s patented V-Motion system allows you to control the space with a wave of a hand. Simply gesturing in close proximity will prompt the back panel of the kitchen to slide upwards, revealing a back-lit area with equipment, plugs, utensils and small appliances. The taps are configured to automatically turn and face the front for easy use, while another motion lets you change the colour of the lighting to set the mood as needed.

The Genius Loci kitchen’s set-up is configured for maximum ease of movement, while the materials and finishes can be personalised to suit your personal aesthetic. From in-laid marble or carved wooden drawers to brushed copper or antique brass accents, the use of traditional Italian handicraft techniques ensure an elegant result.
‘The Genius Loci is far more than a beautiful and functional kitchen,’ says Mathilda Venter of Valcucine. ‘It provides a sensory experience beyond aesthetics with its V-motion system and hidden spaces offering a touch of mystery and intrigue to the design equation, thus guaranteeing a truly personalised experience, every time.’

With a panel that slides down to present a seamless uncluttered surface when the kitchen is not in use, the Genius Loci reflects the growing demand for flexible, streamlined and connected spaces that merge beautifully with the rest of your interiors.
‘Previously the kitchen was behind closed doors, then it moved into the living area but was still essentially a kitchen,’ says Richard Lurie, group MD for Valcucine and Eurocasa Cape Town, Spotlight Joinery and Infin8 Surfacing. ‘Now, however, it is in the living area of our homes, but we still don’t want to see it. Instead, it needs to serve as a more integrated space within the entire home space. In order for a kitchen to “blend” into the living space, we’re seeing the emergence of a monolithic design –  a colossal piece that can serve as an item to be admired, a piece of “art” in the living room.