Once again, Design Indaba Expo ignites debate about what constitutes beauty through the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa competition.The team asked Laureen Rossouw, our editor, to nominate an object she considers to be SA’s most beautiful.

She chose Dokter and Misses LALA Shwantla Drinks Cabinet.



For Laureen, this drinks cabinet not only marks an exciting new direction for Dokter and Misses, it’s also a fresh take on the use of African-inspired pattern. While the geometry and colours are influenced by Ndebele art, Laureen also detects a nod to Art Deco, the Memphis Group and even 1930s ceramics by Claire Cliff.

It’s also refreshing for Laureen that the use of Ndebele-inspired pattern is not “a repeat of something that already exists”. The LALA Shwantla resolves its wide range of influences with simplicity and lightness of touch, while being original, which is remarkable for Rossouw.

“That’s what we’re looking for in SA,” she says: an aesthetic that is modern and classical.

As part of a distinctive body of work with a “definite handwriting”, which for Laureen signals design integrity, the LALA Shwantla represents a “modern interpretation of Africa”.

But ultimately you as the public get to choose  the winning object. Vote for your most beautiful object in South Africa, via SMS.

To vote for the LALA Shwantla SMS “MBOISA LALA” to 40619.
Each SMS costs R1.

The designs of all the MBOISA finalists will be on show at Design Indaba Expo, open to the public from Friday 28 February to Sunday 2 March at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The winner will be announced at 16:00 on Sunday 2 March at Design Indaba Expo.