Cast your eyes to the right of this screen, and down. Are you going to be the one to win those two in-demand Virgin posh economy return tickets to London? Have you bought ELLE DECORATION International 25th Birthday Issue No.85, to find out the fast route to being an airline ticket winner.  Yes? Good. Then there’s an excellent chance you’ll run into the work of Warren Lewis on the streets of the very currently cool British capital.

This young artist is South African born (go-South Africa-go) and is now living in London. Warren Lewis, the man behind #GiveAwayGang, does interesting things with his work and we’re loving it.

The people at Plascon paints are loving it too.  They’ve uploaded a selection of copyright-free artworks to be freely shared by all – as part of an initiative to upsize their digital presence. Plascon want to show the world their new, revamped, more integrated digital platforms, so they’re inviting us to share and use Lewis’s artworks in whatever way we like – downloadable free from the Plascon Trends blog ( Go forth and make wallpaper, prints, fabric, whatever comes to you.

Twitter accounts and expensive watches. Fame, PopStars and Gang Graffiti. These are just a few of the things that have inspired Lewis’s changing style, media and messages over the last few years.

Lewis does work that gets attention. His canvases are filled with popular cultural references and challenge you to make connections between the seemingly unrelated content, used to represent the complexity of our culture.

Lewis was also responsible for starting #GiveAwayGang. Everyday, an original painting was created and given away to someone on Twitter.  Since November 2011, more than 100 people have received an original Lewis painting in the mail, including Spike Lee’s son Jackson Lewis Lee and rap phenomenon Lil B. The works have already spread to 12 different countries – 45 different cities around the globe.

He isn’t bound to any specific medium, which helps him to stay inventive and keep dreaming up wild ideas to communicate with the public.

He showcased his first solo exhibition, My Name Is, in Amsterdam’s Andenken Gallery, which ran in October 2011 with artworks entitled “Bieber is my cousin”,  “Recruit Looters/Shoot a Viral” and “Shoeyork.”

His street installations which chuck challenging dialogues at people can be seen all over the streets of London – if you’re paying attention. (Don’t forget those free flights.)

For more on Lewis visit and or follow him on twitter @LikeLewis

On the subject of paint: we’re looking forward to Plascon’s Trend Talk today at the Freeworld Design Centre in Cape Town – they’re doing the big reveal on the Colour Forecast for 2013, endorsed by the Pantone Colour Institute.

Posted by Jenny Mason