DECO Domestic’s Happy House-Loving Hint No. 003

Before we get into any Deco Domestic housework, ladies and gentlemen, may we take the opportunity to show you some charming housework-y (oh, we’re just so tempted to say housewife-y) wallpapers. Ain’t they sweet, an’ right up your street? We thought so. Ok, enough jabber-jabber. Back to the important business of house-loving ideas. We’re talking washing secrets, girls ‘n boys.

Q: The fact is, black fabrics do fade. After a winter of wear, are your black shirts, pants, leggings, vests etc. looking more donkey grey than pure black? Mine are. In a big way. But thanks to my designer friend Sue Stewart, I know exactly how to get them back to designer black. This is Sue’s handy hint of the week.  

A: What you can do, once in a while, is chuck the lot of them into a laundry bag and take them to the cleaners. Most cleaners have a dyeing service – they’ll dye them back to pure black, in one go. The same applies to any white slipcovers that have become grubby and stained. Turn them black and you’ll reinvent your room and give your sofa or chairs a second life.

Not in the mood for a trip to the cleaners? (Hmm, you lazy Suzie…) It worked for your mother. It’ll work for you. Get yourself a few tubes of Lady Dye and d. i. y. your things at home.

About the darling fifties wallpaper designs up top and below. DECO stylist Hendrik Coetzee found them today. Hendrik always finds the best things. They’re available from Mavromac, by DuPenny. Fabrics are by Pierre Frey, also via Mavromac.

Wishing you a designer black Friday, with sparklers on top.


Posted by Jenny Mason