Warning: If you’re reading this post at work, I suggest you let your boss know that your productivity is about to take a nosedive for the next few hours, as you’re about to be swallowed alive by a website!


The Mid-Century Modernist is an astonishing site that scours eBay on your behalf, picking out all the best stuff in each category that might interest you. This is how they put it:

“EBay is still one of the bestways to find affordable, original Mid-century pieces online. But scoundrels and mis-labelled items about, making it difficult to separate treasures from trash. We do the sifting for you. This is a hand-picked showcase of the most interesting items on eBay.”

The list of tags is exhaustive and alphabetical, including things like, “beech”, “angled legs”, “Jacobsen”, “Mad Men furniture”, etc. I did a couple of searches, and came up with plenty tempting treasures:



You have been warned though: The Mid-Century Modernist is super-addictive.