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This is our country’s greatest story. Let’s never stop telling it. Help to keep Mandela’s legacy alive to children of all ages. 

South African marketing agency Quirk has started a petition for Lego to create a “Nelson Mandela: Freedom Fighter” set.

“Lego is so accessible. People young and old play with legos,”Quirk executive creative director Fran Luckin said.

The clip  uses Lego figures to follow Mandela’s journey from the Pass Law protests of 1960 through the subsequent Rivonia Trial and imprisonment on Robben Island to freedom and ultimate reconciliation for South Africa as a whole. The video is set to a recording of Mandela’s famous testimony at the Rivonia Trial.

You can help by simply adding your name and email address to the request list and spreading the word by sharing the campaign on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

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