Whether it’s for a windowsill or a wedding, flowers can be affordable. Wild Posies should be inspired, exciting and fresh (in the modern sense of the word), liberated from strict arrangements. In the upcoming Outdoor issue, on sale on Monday 29 September, DECO heads out into the garden to find inspiration for blooming marvellous, fuss-free arrangements. 

For the shoot, Bielle Ross raided the DECO team’s gardens, finding ideas for weird and wonderful arrangements – from dried out palm leaves and Syringa berries to penny gum, Purple Heart and aloes… to mention but a few of the key ‘ingredients’.

We also had the privilege of working with the talented duo ANDREA•GWYNN for this feature. Chloe and Darren swooped in behind us, picking up flowers that tickled their fancy, giggling and generally having fun with flowers. The result? Beguiling. We are thrilled with the clip they produced for us.

To see the full story, get your copy of the Outdoor Issue, and to find out more about who, what, what, why and where ANDREA•GWYNN are, and what they can do for you, click here

Image Credit: Production Bielle Ross Photography Ross Hiller
Video Credit: 
Editor Allister Christie Directors ANDREA•GWYNN