The first call for public submissions for inclusion in the official programme for World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 (WDC 2014 )received an overwhelming response, it involved  572 submissions, 39 curators, 10 weeks and one goal:

The Cape Town Design NPC, the implementation agency which was appointed by the City of Cape Town to roll out the WDC 2014 program, has shortlisted a number of projects for consideration for official endorsement.

“Some of the shortlisted projects from the first call showed design-led thinking in providing solutions to social challenges in and around Cape Town. However, there are some gaps that we’d like to cover with the second round, specifically in product design, science and technology, food, engineering, architecture and even projects from beyond the Western Cape,” said Cape Town Design CEO Alayne Reesberg.

A selection of projects that captured the interest of the curators, and demonstrates the calibre of projects being sought in the 2nd call for submissions include:

  • Imagine Princess Vlei – a community-led collaborative design process to transform Princess Vlei into an urban nature park that will build bridges between past, present and future identities.
  • Open Streets – a citizen-driven initiative, working to design and promote car-free streets.
  • SKA SA radio astronomya world-class achievement from South Africa’s science and technology arena.
  • WDC Food – an initiative that addresses food security and the food economy, co-ordinating existing role players.
  • iShack (improved Shack) – a home-grown innovative enterprise model connecting people, processes and products to deliver pay-as-you-use solar energy.
  • Two Rivers Urban Park (TRUP) Regeneration – a live/work/play precinct around the Liesbeek and Black Rivers.

Design hubs such as Workshop 17 at the V&A Waterfront, Hubspace Khayelitsha, the proposed Philippi Business Hub, and the Centre for Entrepreneurship in Stellenbosch also made the shortlist.

“WDC 2014 is not simply an event, but an invitation for change that will bring collaborators together in ways that create new conversations, new connections and new possibilities, that will last long after 2014,” concluded Reesberg.

This second call is appealing to those interested in making submissions to think big, consider multi-disciplinary collaborations and demonstrate impact, while delivering feasible solutions in a tangible way.

Have you got your submission idea ready? If you do, then why wait! Start it now!

If your project is selected, then you project will receive

  • Official recognition as a WDC 2014 project.
  • Inclusion in the official programme of events for the year.
  • Meaningful exposure on all their communication channels.
  • Local and international visibility through their integrated marketing efforts.
  • Access to key local and global players (including sponsors).
  • Rights to use the official logo and branding in conjunction with approved marketing efforts in 2014.

Don’t wait for recognition, go out there and use design to drive change in your city, wherever or whatever your city may be!Use design to spark local and global conversations, bridge divides and find solutions.

Do not leave it all up to the WDC2014 team, we as citizens are the key players, don’t forget this!

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