We’ve prepared a fresh food feast for DECO’s new Spring issue. Maranda Engelbrecht, contributing DECO food stylist, whips together 4 meals so fresh and green (below), you’d be forgiven if you thought the greens were still attached to the soil. (We did!) We also pop in at new Cape Town eatery Skinny Legs & All, DECO’s new hot spot (see above). 22 year-old owners and twin sisters Jamie and Jesse Friedberg reveal their favourite seasonal taste combinations for spring 2011.

Don’t miss out on our team’s field-trip to Paternoster and Kobus Van der Merwe‘s eatery Oep ve Koep (above & below). We’ll be posting a behind-the-scenes story of this veldkos feast next week.

Spring’s out 19 September!

*Skinny Legs & All photographs by Adriaan Louw; Maranda Engelbrecht fresh food image by Adel Ferreira; Oep ve Koep photographs by DECO team