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Photographer Justin Patrick

In our latest Big Idea Issue 95, we entwine texture, colour and pattern in brand-new combinations using baskets, seating, lights and rugs.

Our Decor Editor Jeanne Botes found the most exquisite and abundant supply of woven items from across South Africa for the shoot. Here are just a handful of close-ups to show you the extraordinary colours, patterns and techniques featured on page 72 of the latest issue.


If you are like us and reckon there is no such thing as ‘too much weave’, why not create your own ‘Woven Wallpaper’?

We asked Robin Sprong to custom make us a wallpaper using a high-res scan of a woven textile, and are just thrilled with the result. You can quite literally take any high-res image and have it printed as wallpaper, the possibilities are endless.

We show you here.

Photographer Justin Patrick