Leah Goren illustrations

Leah Goren, the Brooklyn-based artist, is best known for her unique and eye-catching illustrations and ceramics – playing with patterns and colours that aren’t typical of the medium.

As clichéd as it might sound, she has a knack for making the ordinary extraordinary. Leah is a well of inspiration, with patterns dedicated to everyday detail – from cats and girls to plants – that she works into a variety of products including scarves and totes. Her lively, hand-sketched illustrations have also graced the cover of the renowned Australian magazine, Frankie.

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Leah, among other things, contributes to the zine Sad Girls that consists of illustrations from a variety of artists. Described as featuring work by ‘girls who make things and have lots of feelings’, the zine is on its 3rd edition

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If you would like to purchase Leah’s products, visit her shop or follow her on Instagram for more daily inspiration.

3 D Girls Vase by Leah Goren
Hand-made ‘3D girls vase’ by Leah Goren

Compiled by Sanri Pienaar.