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Nowadays relaxing is flinging yourself on the couch and binge watching Game of Thrones, but this leaves us feeling more shell shock than de-stressed. Hobbies, however, have a great effect on stress-levels. So this winter challenge yourself to try something new…

Proven to have fantastics benefits for your psychological health, be it joining a sports team, a book club, or good old pottery, hobbies will enrich your life.

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Numerous studies have found that social connection is a key component in leading a happy and fulfilling life. Hobbies give you the tools to meet new people with similar interest and social aspirations.


We can all agree that the more time you have on your hands the longer tasks seem to take. Having hobbies and obligations after a work day motivates you to complete mundane task quicker. It also encourages taking a break from a crazy work life.

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Leisure comes in 2 categories, passive and active. The name speaks for itself; passive leisure is activities that are mostly done in sweatpants. Great from time to time, a day spend in front of the TV is sometimes all you need. The problem comes in when that becomes the norm – coming home from work should not be a dash to your comfy pants and TV remote. The value in partaking in active leisure is far more invigorating. Losing yourself in a project where time flies and all self-consciousness disappears, adds to your self-worth while stretching your skills with challenging activities gives you a sense of accomplishment.

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Eustress is positive stress, that feeling of excitement – hobbies challenge your skills and get you excited about life. When you are doing something just for you, you feel energised and open to new experiences.


Research has shown that partaking in pleasurable activities during down time is associated with lower blood pressure, as well as lower levels of depression.

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Information courtesy of Psychology Today & Positive Present 


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