We asked urban farmer, multi-talented creative and blogger Matt Allison, of Curate This Space fame, what he’d really, really, really like for Fathers Day. This is what he came back with.
1. Apple iPad 3, yes, I know, who doesn’t own an iPad? Well me, actually. Since I have an iPhone and MacBook Pro I haven’t felt the need for one, but now that I’ve switched many of my magazine subscriptions to Zinio it would be most welcomed.
2. While I love the flexibility of my DSLR camera there is something so rewarding about the limitations of toy/lomo cameras. With the Diana F+ and Instaback you get credit card sized polaroids as soon as you press the shutter, saturated physical Instagrams.
3. I’m a self confessed throw cushion addict and this ‘Gran’ offering from Sweden’s Fine Little Day would be most welcomed.
4. I’ve been the biggest fan of UK based illustrator, Kerry Layton’s work. Her love for triangles and geometry resonates with me and her new MT washi tape range exemplifies that.
5. In keeping with the floral kingdom I LOVE  Opus Studio’s hanging gardens. While I’ve made my own my knot work and attention to detail is not nearly as defined as what Marissa puts into each of these delicate creations.
6. This Fathers Day is a special day as my son turns two on the same day, so my last present would be for him, though it’s equally as pleasant to me. Swedish illustrator Ingela P. Arrhenius work is a must have in any child’s room. We have posters and cards of his and I’ve been longing to add these animal matryoshka dolls.
7. With winter in full force here in the Cape, it’s time to sit around a warm fire with a hot cup of coffee and a crafty project in hand. Lauren Fowler’s new DIY cross stitch kits gets my heart racing and I’d love to tackle this winter project from the comfort of my couch or bed.
8. I would have loved to have met Ray & Charles Eames. No single modernist designer has had the same kind of impact on life and appreciation for design, be it their furniture, home or even toys like the hang-it-all.
9. Relative newcomers Kraftisan created a storm around their latest luma light offering at Design Indaba this year. Designer Lucas Adam’s prototype graces my home, but the newly refined ‘dark’ offering is just so sexy.
10Joe Paine’s Kreep Planter. I’ve had this lustworthy image on my iPhone for over a year now and have finally broken down and ordered not one, but two for out new patio area.
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