Imagine having just 10 minutes to sketch a design for one of South Africa’s greatest icons. Well that’s exactly what happened in the 4th episode of Project Runway SA.

At the Soweto Theatre, Project Runway SA contestants were introduced to none other than the legendary multi-award winning musician King Tha (Thandiswa Mazwai). They were absolutely floored when they heard that their challenge was to dress King Tha in a Steam Punk and Afro Futurism theme for her next performance.

Make me an outfit, make me look good, okay? Don’t mess around.” said King Tha.

They had just 2 minutes to soak in Steam Punk and Afro-Futurism inspiration and 10 minutes to sketch their designs. Their budget however, was a little more forgiving this time. They each had R1,800 to spend at the fabric shop.

Not that it helped Jaimie much. He didn’t really know who King Tha was and had no clue what to do. His plan was that he “had no plan”, and both Gift and Vuyisa were taking big risks in their choice of fabrics. Gift was adamant about working with hessian no matter what anyone said, and Vuyisa went with a rather bold neon.

And while the contestants almost buckled under the weight of creating an outfit for such a megastar, Gift still took it upon himself as last week’s winner to create an alliance between himself, Vuyisa, Sihle, Sandile and (eventually) Kentse in a bid to control things through the model selections.

But no matter who got which model, when runway day dawned, the designers were “nervous as hell”.

And they had a big reason to be. This week’s guest judge was Hangwani Nengovhela, the woman behind Rubicon Clothing and the designer who had dressed Lerato herself on the red carpet.

Kentse was worried her look might be a bit too eccentric, Jaimie was freaking out because he thought his wing-like sleeves made his creation look like an outfit for a tooth fairy, and Stephen had no idea who he was designing for.
It wasn’t Kentse’s eccentricity that bothered Hangwani, it was the shoddy puckering at the back of her garment that the famous designer couldn’t accept.

Sandile’s dramatic creation with his fierce handmade shoulder spikes impressed everyone, but it was Gift’s regal, Khoi-inspired design that had the judges glowing.

Noni loved its melodrama and Rahim said the creation made the model look like she came from an “Afro, futuristic, Victorian, utopian, world!”

Gift’s big risk in sticking with his hessian choice paid off, and Lerato totally nailed it when she said that Gift is “the phoenix that keeps rising from the ashes.”

Vuyisa’s big neon risk, however, didn’t pay off. And it cost her the game. Tsamaya hantle Vuyisa, go well.

So who’s going to feel her departure the most? Kentse or Gift? With two wins each, neither of them can afford to slip up now as the game intensifies.

But even though there have been many goodbyes on this show, there might just be some emotional reunions too. And a rather heart-warming challenge.

Grab your tissues. It’s all happening on Mzansi Magic, DStv Channel 161 at 21h30 next Tuesday. Project Runway SA is presented by Mzansi Magic and Ndalo Pictures, in association with 4th STREET. The production partner is Rapid Blue (Pty) Ltd and sponsors include Edgars, Kelso Beauty, TRESemméMenlyn Park Shopping Centre and Lexus South Africa.