We’ve been wondering how South African creatives arrange their homes… particularly the space above their beds. As Kirsty Cockerill puts it: “Somehow what hangs above your bed defines the room”. We asked a few people to show us what they keep in their bedroom… and were pleasantly surprised (and inspired) by the results.

Angie Batis of Wolves Café in Joburg

‘I have a mixture of old framed pictures that I have found along the way hanging above my bed because I like the way they almost look like a makeshift headboard. Plus I have lots of stuff and I like to see them on display and not packed away in boxes.’

Christine Joubert, interior designer

‘The light is from Hong Kong – I went there to go visit my sister a couple of months ago. The mobile is a present from Yelda [Bayraktar] for my birthday, maybe to keep me busy and out of trouble. The plant is called a “Delicious Monster”. With a name like that…’

Thaya Bedford of Beatnik Bazaar

‘I’ve just moved in to a house in Stanford after living in Glencairn for four years. I’ve always been a country girl at heart – I’m currently weeding the greenhouse in preparation for vegetable planting, I have several fruit trees and my son and I plan to live off the land as far as possible! This isn’t technically above my bed, but rather the view from my bed… You can see my garden from my bedroom window, complete with picture book scenes of a mountain backdrop.’

Dale Lawrence, artist

‘Above my bed are various frames and prints (including an Elsabé Milandri drawing, a Theory One picture, an old Bruce Mackay, a Claire Johnson, an Ymke Hemminga and a Dylan Wyndham Jones), a 1981 bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, which I am too scared to drink, a 200W light bulb in a small lamp, and other things which should either be in cupboards or dustbins. I have recently become a bit of a hoarder. I keep justifying it by saying to myself that one day I’ll have a large flat and everything will fit in nicely, but deep down I know I’ll probably keep accumulating things until even that is full.’

Kim Gray, stylist and blogger

‘Our house is mostly white and grey with bright pops of colour. In our bedroom, however, I wanted to keep it white, calm and serene. My favourite piece is this old frame I found at a shop called Beachcomber before I even moved into this house. My dad took a series of photos of my then boyfriend (now husband) and I. So it’s pretty special to me.’

Kirsty Cockerill, director at AVA Gallery and Stuart Bird, artist

‘Somehow what hangs above your bed defines the room. Stuart and I hung many things above our bed but none ever felt right. When I was little, my godmother embroidered a “K” that hung above my bed for many years. Following in that spirit, Stuart and I decided to make a romantic “initial” sculpture. We found the old printing blocks in a junk shop in Stanford and spent ages digging through hundreds of wordless letters, gathering decades old ink under our nails to find our favourite shaped letters. S4K4S4K now hangs happily above our bed.’

Vicki Sleet of iwantthat

‘The blue-green bedroom thing started with a velvet corduroy in peacock blue that i found in a tucked away shop in Woodstock – for R20 a metre!! Hello, i bought 10 metres immediately and that was put to good work in making a deep buttoned headboard. I’ve always wanted a fancy, hotel style headboard and we both love this one.’

Anna Loubser, decor editor at ELLE DECORATION

‘I have a window above most of my bed. The head board and shelf were both custom made by Reep Verloren van Themaat to fit in the little space available. The shelf stores my books and a “Take” lamp from Kartell. There is a little grove in the bottom part of the shelf to keep a pen so that I can make notes in the middle of the night. The yellow ambient light is not disturbing in the early hours of the morning, very considered.’

We’re giving away these fabulous laser-cut shapes (above & below) from Doodle Laser (as seen in the Inspiration shoot of our latest International issue). Want one? Tell us what you have hanging above your bed (or better yet, send a photo to blog@elledecomag.co.za).