Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is situated in Denmark on the North Zealand coast in a spacious, old park with a fine view across the sound of Sweden. It houses an exquisite collection of modern art by international artists such as Arp, Francis Bacon, Calder, Dubuffet, Max Ernst, Sam Francis, Giacometti, Kiefer, Henry Moore, Picasso, Rauschenberg and Warhol.  Every year, the Louisiana Museum shows six to eight major exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, including classical masters of modern art as well as new and upcoming international artists. For these both solo and group exhibitions the museum publishes catalogues in the Louisiana Revy series as well as special catalogues.  Louisiana is not merely an experience in modern and contemporary art, but a congenial reflection of the interplay between art, architecture and landscape.  The park serves as an ideal setting for displaying the museum’s collection of modern sculptures.  Similarly the prominent museum buildings, constructed between 1958 and 1998, offer a fascinating background for the permanent collection of twentieth century art.

Welcome to Copenhagen, the greenest city in the world.  A city where cars are charged, food is the second language and where you can take a University course on Beyoncé.

Our multimedia journalist Lufuno Ramadwa recently visited the city of Copenhagen and here is everything there is to know.

Favourite thing in Copenhagen

The culture of bike riding is most definitely the best part. It is absolutely empowering to watch a female ride a bicycle with her heels on. Thankfully the land is flat, so it makes cycling a breeze for cyclists and the vibrant scenery makes for a great view. Biking is so much faster than sitting in traffic and also the best way to take in the city’s magnificent architecture.

Cykelslangen (The Bicycle Snake) which connects the highway and the harbour bridge in Copenhagen

Where did you stay and would you recommend it 

A newly renovated hotel situated close to the centre of the city called Skt. Annæ.  The cosy 4-star hotel houses a maximum of 154 people and offers modern facilities. The area where the hotel is situated, Nyhaven is popular for its cute cafes and restaurants and it is within walking distance to the shopping district of the city.

A room in Hotel Skt. Annæ
The main courtyard connecting all the rooms of Hotel Skt. Annæ

3 things we have to see

In a city as futuristic as Copenhagen, there is a lot to see.

One needs to immerse themselves in the art that the city has to offer because that is the best way to understand the strong artistic perspective in architecture, fashion and food.

The Louisiana Museum Of Modern Art is situated on the shore of a small city outside of Copenhagen called Humlebæk. It has housed artworks from some of the world’s most renowned artists from Pablo Picasso to Andy Warhol. As beautiful as the art inside of the museum is, the magnificent view of the Harken shoreline in the museum’s back yard is even more breathtaking.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art situated in Denmark on the North Sealand coast
An exhibition space in Lousiana Museum of Modern Art

The second space you need to see is the Arken Museum, that is architecturally built like a ship. The Modern Museum is situated along the South of Copenhagen in a place called, Ishøj town in Køge Bay Beach. The museum houses more than 400 Danish, Nordic and international works of art. Great artistic works from the likes of Damian Hirst and Ai Weiwei have a home in the Arken Museum Of Modern Art.

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art in Ishøj, south of Copenhagen.

The third place you most definitely need to experience is Gro Spiseri, Denmark’s first urban rooftop farm, situated in the eastern part of Copenhagen. Apart from growing food, the community supported farm has a bar and restaurant, which serves organic gourmet meals to a long dinner table of 24 people.

Denmark’s first rooftop farm, Gro Spiresi.
The table, which only seats 24 people inside Gro Spiresi

2 things you have to eat

Copenhagen’s food culture is rich and combines traditions of the past and the present. Most Danish meals are old traditional foods revamped with a modern twist.

Smørrebrød, which means open faced sandwich, is one of the most popular meals found in the Danish community. The meal is an open faced rye bread sandwich, topped with a variety of toppings depending on the weather, from meat, cheese or spreads.

Handmade Smørrebrød
Handmade Smørrebrød

For those with more of a sweet tooth, there is a dessert called flødeboller, which is a chocolate covered marshmallow that is lined with a layer of jam which you can find in and organic chocolate store called Summerbird

Inside the Summerbird store, where you can get a delicious flødeboller

1 thing you have to know before going

The weather is always unpredictable, one minute there are clouds and the next there is sunshine, but that does not matter. Rain or sunshine there is always something to do, see or taste in Copenhagen.