Tomorrow, on the 18th of July, South Africans celebrate the birth of Nelson Mandela. As he would have turned 100, it’s a particularly special day to commemorate his legacy.

Mandela Day is a call made globally to commemorate the idea that each individual’s action has the power to reshape the world.  The message behind the MandelaDay campaign is to devote 67 minutes of your day to the bettering of society in remembrance of the 67 years Mandela spent fighting injustice in South Africa. Though the idea is to complete your 67 minutes for the year, the reality is that you should find a cause close to your heart and donate some of your time every month. In any case, if you’re looking for a little Mandela Day inspiration, below are some suggestions on a few organisations.

Western Cape

Autism Western Cape

Take time to help make visual communication kits at Autism Western Cape, a non-profit organisation.  Autism affects the way people respond to and interpret the world and visual communication aids autistic people with developing communication and helping with understanding.

Giving girls dignity.

Running4Pads assists girls from 12-18 years of age who can’t afford sanitary towels. This is to support girls who drop out of school due to being unable to provide pads for themselves. The process here is simple, everytime you enter a race you can drop off sanitary items in the Running4Pads collection boxes. Though you can do this throughout the year, this is a good one to consider if you’re running any races this week.


The Breast Health Organisation

The Breast Health Organisation makes up cancer comfort care bags for patients in the public sector on chemo. They aim to pack 667 packs this year, and you’re able to contribute your time to help put these bags together or if you’re unable to be there in person, you can donate to the cause and buy a bag.

Nelson Mandela Journals

If you’re unable to donate your time, but still want to be involved then you can opt-in the Nelson Mandela Journals initiative. For every journal purchased, they donate a diary to underprivileged school children who don’t have access to writing materials. You also have the option to donate R100 towards Mandela school diaries.

Text: Cayla Mandean and S’bahle Mgijima