Mandala No.2

Willowlamp, founded by Adam Hoets, create sculpturally beautiful pendants that joyously disrupt our ideas about what lighting can be. Find out more about the inspiration behind the new pendants, ‘The Geometric Storm’ and ‘The Mandala No.2’.

What inspired the design concept of the new pendants, ‘The Geometric Storm’ and ‘The Mandala No.2’?

‘The Geometric Storm’, with its weird, awkward yet balanced geometry of truncated wedges, has no direct form of inspiration but has reference to many – one being abstract art, mainly cubism. Another inspiration is layered landscapes, rock formations and strata in mountains. So, the design seems to evoke a kind of highly geometricized landscape from an alternate abstract cubist reality.

The Mandala N0.2‘, in metallic, is an adaptation of an earlier design I developed for southern Guild and launched at the Everard Reed in 2012. This version reveals the insanely intricate and endlessly mind-boggling Islamic sacred geometrical pattern from all angles. My intention is to create all sorts of mandala patterns. I spent over 400 hours drawing and decoding Islamic patterns and geometry, until I nearly went mad. This, to me, was the ultimate template and key beneath them all because it holds within it all of the principles of Islamic sacred geometry.

How do these pendants differ from your other designs?

Many of my designs are in some way inspired by nature. Whether this is a direct translation like the ‘Faraway Tree’ or like many of my designs which are derived from sacred geometry, an understanding of nature in its purest form. Sacred geometry is like the template or blueprint upon which all of nature is based.

What materials and colour combinations have you used?

Laser-cut stainless steel; perspex; chrome and smoke ball-chain; chrome plated, brass CNC components; and LED and Halogen lighting.

What is the price point of ‘The Geometric Storm’ and ‘The Mandala No.2’

Geometric Storm – R98,500.00
Mandala No.2 Metalic – R139,820.00

The Geometric Storm by Willowlamp | Elle Decoration SA
The Geometric Storm