ClarinsHome Diffuser

Elegance breathes through the new Clarins Home collection. The colour and finishes of these three interior design objects represent the infinite diversity of nature itself.  Use the Scented Candle, Diffuser and Room Spray  individually or together to scent your home.

You’re in luck as ELLE DECORATION is giving away a Clarins Hamper worth R1700!

The Hamper contains:
ClarinsHome Scented Candle: Valued at R635
ClarinsHome Home Scent Diffuser:Valued at R670
Clarins Home Room Spray: Valued at R395

To stand a chance of winning the Clarins hamper follow @Elle_Deco on Twitter and comment on this post telling  us why you deserve to win!

Candles represent intimate warmth, a flame in the night, a soul for the home.
Refined interior design object. The elegant reeds are not lit and do not burn down. They are simply placed in the bottle containing the fragrance to diffuse the enticing scent.
Close your eyes and indulge in the charms of an exceptional fragrance as Eau d’Ambiance scented  spray that releases enticing notes of sensual harmony that awaken the senses as if by magic. Dream, Escape, Indulge.

Eau d’Ambiance, Lumière d’Ambiance, Bois d’Ambiance. The refined Clarins Home collection is exclusively available in Boutiques, Institutes and Spas by Clarins, selected department stores and through the Clarins website

A spritz or two into the air instantly fills the room with soothing scent.

To stand a chance of winning the Clarins hamper follow @Elle_Deco and comment on this post telling  us why you deserve to win!


  1. I love walking to a home that smells inviting and comforting at the same time .. a few colleagues were talking about the home collection and i have been extremely eager to try this out ..

  2. I am sure that this would help make my home more restful & would be a welcome change to mosquito spray & candles.

  3. I deserve to win because I deserve a lovely scented home and being a mom with an 8 month old child your home always has very odd smells even though I try so hard to mask them… also I believe these scents with help me to relax more I definitely need that 🙂

  4. YES, I really don’t want to miss this new Clarins Home Collection – to dream, escape and indulge in the elegance that breathes through the home with the new Clarins Home collection.

  5. Would love to win this. Just moved into a new home and am pregnant, this would be wonderful to help create a calm environment.

  6. #WIN Because every woman, no matter how plain or ordinary, should have at least one extraordinary experience. #Clarins

  7. I just love a fresh fragrant smelling home & the Clarins Diffuser is the answer to my problems – I would appreciate winning the hamper

  8. I love these products as it has a deeply sensual, soothing aromatic fragrance with a sophisticated blend of fresh, green, warm and woody notes. Winning this will make my home smell clean and crisp..

  9. My friend uses Clarins Diffuser in her home and it smells wonderful. Would love to use it in my own home!

  10. In a few weeks ill be moving into a new apartment out of my parents house, and it will be the best if i could go home to a great smelling home everyday (seeing as i won’t be coming home to the amazing scent of my moms home cooked meals anymore)

  11. We live in a new area that was previously a farmland. In rainy times or very hot days it has a lot of mosquitoes, flies, and many maggots which in turn brings bad smell/oudor in the house. These products will bring in good fragrances into the house and a lot of relief!

  12. To be soothed and indulge in the exceptional fragrance of the Clarins Home collection would be a dream come true

  13. I am a fan of scents, whether its in my cooking, in my beauty products or in the home. I enjoy buying scented candles and incense as this is a way of creating a inviting and welcoming space in my home for guests or create a perfect ambience/mood for myself after a long day. The new Clarins collection would be a great addition to my home

  14. i would love to win this to be able to walk into my home and smell that rich exotic fragrance would transport me into my own planet where luxury and i meet

  15. Love my home to smell wonderful, this would be such a treat, with winter coming up and the colder weather, we will be spending more time indoors, so this would be amanzing to have in our home

  16. A well scented home is so important. I would love to walk into a home that smells like a home. To have the indulgence of aromatic well scented air

  17. Wow, this looks like and absolutely heavenly gift! I could definitely use some restorative products for my home. Fingers crossed 😉

  18. The Clarins brand personifies luxury and indulgence.
    With this range of home fragrance products every woman can bring these qualities into her most intimate space – her home.
    I would love to create that ambience for my loved ones!

  19. Following on Twitter! Would love the opportunity to win. After a hectic day at the office, it sure will calm the nerves and make your home a little haven to escape to provided you don’t bring your work home. Its also a delight for romancing your loved one by providing a little excitment

  20. Followed on twitter @cirstenvdh would love to win this. Love anything that makes my home smells like heaven.

  21. I need good smelling scents for my offices, being a guy I’m a little cluesless when it comes to things like this but I trust Elle decors taste so I’m sure this would go perfectly in my office & I’m already following on twitter.

  22. Already following on twitter. The first I do when I get up in the morning is light candles or incense sticks love the smell of it, this would help to add to my collection please!!

  23. I have a love affair with Clarins, and I am busy renovating our very old house, so yes sometimes it does not smell to good. this would be so Awesome!

  24. Such a treat…and to make our home smell as good on the inside as nature does in its own home. Bring nature in and enjoy!

  25. The Clarins Home Hamper will be very handy especially with all our pets at home.
    Thank you Elle for this great competition

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