You stand a chance of winning a Spindel dryer worth R1599. All you have to do is follow @ELLE_Deco on Twitter and comment on this post telling us what the worst thing about doing laundry is.
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Spindel allows you to get your laundry done in no time and without the insane electricity bill. Most of us hate laundry day, especially during those rainy days when everything takes ages to dry and you end up with damp smelling fabrics. However, Spindel is a specialist laundry spin dryer that makes laundry day simple. It uses spin power instead of heat to remove the majority of the moisture that is left in fabrics after your washing machine’s spin cycle. This means that your fabrics can dry in a fraction of the time and certain items can be ironed immediately! Even better, the Spindel cycle only takes 3 minutes and it consumes 100 times less energy than tumble drying.  Spindel is also safe for all fabrics – even those delicate hand washed items. Watch the Spindel demo video by clicking on the following link,  so you can see what you could win:

With benefits such as super-fast drying time, lower electricity consumption and minimal impact on the environment, Spindel is a must-have for every South African household. Spindel is available at selected appliance stores. For more information, visit:


  1. Followed you on twitter:my user name @thokozile8080 🙂

    @ELLE_Deco worst thing about doing laundry is:takes forever to finish,can’t iron immediately ,use more electricity,heat damages the clothes


  2. When my wife is away and I have to do it and it is Saturday with the Springboks or the Bulls playing down under (morning SA time), the Proteas playing in the sub-continent (mid-morning SA time), then Pirates in the afternoon. Those interruptions of attending to the washing machine, yak!!!

  3. The worst thing about doing laundry is when it rains, and the clothes don’t dry properly. Then the clothes has a smell and you have to wash it all over again

  4. Is that I am always doing my partners, and the fact he is terrible at hanging it up on the line, that I end up doing it all by myself from start to finish and as much as I enjoy the sunshine and hanging up washing, sometimes it’s good to put my feet up lol

  5. @moushzn Sorting laundry is my worst nightmare! I have three kids aged 14,12 & 5 and sorting their clothes is relentless! Lugging it can be heavy. And sometimes it can be stinky or nasty! Sometimes their clothes need to be washed again and again because of stains!

  6. I hate doing laundry because I am a notorious procrastinator. Plus my laundry room is tiny so it’s hard to manoeuvre clothes from the laundry basket into the machine. It only takes a few minutes, but I still hate it.Just the sight of laundry kills me!Lol

  7. @ace7774 Laundry is time consuming and it is a pain to wait for the washer or dryer. I do love the smell afterwards, especially if they are hung outside to dry.

  8. I hate the texture of wet laundry on my hands!We do not have a dryer,so we hang our laundry on the line. Holding wet denim and other wet fabrics drives me nuts! I also don’t like folding the clothes!Damn laundry-why can’t we find something more efficient!

  9. The worst thing about laundry is unwinding it before it gets washed after it has sat in the basket with wet towels or swimming costumes all week. My kids seem to be able to turn their clothes into bundles of twisted inside out, connected to each other, smelly piles 🙂

  10. Feeling proactive and putting the laundry in the machine is one thing. Having to take it out and hang it up after the feeling has passed is a whole other beast!

  11. worst thing about laundry is, you know you going to be doing it all over again next week…. and of course the pain of trying to get a few loads dry at once – especially in Cape Town winters…

  12. I manage a Home for abandoned babies and washing in my home is done twice, daily, With the weather we are now having, most days the washing stays damp or wet and I am in dire need of a dryer. As the Spindle is safe for all fabrics and with benefits such as super-fast drying time and lower electricity, this a must for my Home..

  13. When you forget to read the washing instructions and end up with pink workout gear, try explaining that to the okes at gym #TrueStory

  14. Oh my!! Have wanted one of these for like ever!! Think the worst part about doing the washing has to be carrying the heavy basket to where you have to hang it out… our laundry room is up some steps so when have to carry a load it gets quite heavy, and really battle to dry it when it rains, dont like hanging it inside as the washing starts to smell, so it really piles up if we have had a few rainy days in a row

  15. worst? What could be worse than having to slep my way to the laundromat every week to do washing or asks friends if I could use their washing machines. Atleast with a spindel I will be one step closer to buying my own washing machine and no more waiting around at the laundromat and rather bring the damp clothes home to spindel dry. = )

  16. I really hate doing it cause my clothes stay on the sun and it damages my clothes, don’t even mention the powder soap that I use!!

  17. The washing machine sorts out the washing. Spindle sorts out the drying. Now we’re just waiting on a new appliance that sort out the ironing with the press of a button as that is the worse part.

  18. I hate everything about washing! As a Mom with a small toddler, washing is a chore I hate but it is a necessary evil! I hate having to wait for clothes to dry, I don’t own a tumble dryer, I believe it takes to much energy, so this would be Awesome for me and my family, the fact that it doesn’t use a lot of energy and is so fast makes this a dream machine for me!

  19. I hate it when I do washing the night before and then it rains the next day an the washing ends up smelling terrible…then I have to wash it again

  20. When my wife is away and she has not “sorted” the laundry and I do it then she comes back and scolds me for not doing it correctly. This is my worst nightmare when doing laundry!!

  21. My only nightmare with doing the washing is not getting everything dry, I have 2 kids that love exploring, thats means extra washing for mommy so I always end up with bundles and bundles of washing, this nifty spin dryer it would make the world of difference in my life

  22. The worst thing about doing laundry is hanging everything up afterwards especially all the little socks and underpants – especially when you can’t find one of the socks! A dryer would be ideal!

  23. The worse thing about doing wasking for me is struggling to get the washing dry at times especially the duvets, blankets, towels. I am currenclt using my mom’s washing machine as i dont have one and the spinner on the hardly dries out the washing and i have to manually dry out the washing before hangiong up:( its exhausting:(

  24. The worst thing about doing laundry is having to fold and put everything away once it is dry. Getting all the socks to match up with their partners, is a nightmare! Imagine wearing a new pair every day and having to wash them all in one go, and struggling to match the colours! Black comes in so many shades, it makes my eyes water just trying to puzzle it out! I feel like I’m doing a hundred-piece puzzle each time and all I can find are the corners!

  25. Washing is not a problem at all…But drying the washing on the other hand is a nightmare as failing to do so leaves an unpleasant odor 🙁 Winning this spindel dryer would be a dream come true as a mom and wife 😀 Love my life don’t get me wrong but laundry means cutting time with my family which i hate doing!!

  26. Following on Twitter 🙂 @PamelaT1981 We’ll what I hate about doing washing is when it rains then I use my couches for a washing rag when it rains 🙂

  27. following on twitter . Doing washing in the winter.The washing never dry at the see always feel wet please help me with this dryer

  28. I hate laundry because if the weather isnt good enough for your clothes to get dry especialy in Cape Town Winter Months

  29. When I just hanged my clothes outside to dry,, gone into town and realised its raining and is too late to get home and sit with wet clothes!! 😠

  30. The worst thing about doing laundry. I’d say the whole process. Such a schlep. Would be great to get an amazing spindel dryer to help replace the valuable time spent drying clothes.

  31. to hang the house full of clothes. my dogs outside are chewing them when i hang it outside

  32. The worst thing about doing laundry is it never stops for me ….. with 2 adult children and 2 grandchildren living with me there are always loads of laundry to do and after 10 years the tumble dryer stop working….. 🙁 This awesome Spindel dryer would help so much in my house!!!! Holding thumbs for this awesome prize!! 🙂 xxx

  33. What I hate the MOST is sorting out the colours one wrong item of clothes put in the washer and when the colour runs, man oh man say goodbye to your clothes. AND YES I have done this before, sadly:-(

  34. The worst part about doing washing for me is the drying…if things don’t dry in time (especially in winter) then I end up bringing it all inside the house and hanging it on every possible surface and praying it dries, then my house ends up literally looking like a clothing bomb exploded and its quite embarrassing if people pop in unannounced…the Spindel would change my life 🙂

  35. First of all, the washing machines timer is never right. A 36-min quick wash load? Yeah right, more like 45 mins. Then the laundry takes all day to dry and you end up spending most of the night ironing. It also never ends. You go to bed with nothing in the laundry basket and wake up with school uniforms, hubby’s work clothes from the previous day, various garments from the baby and toddler and it all just starts all over again. Don’t get me started on bedding. As a short person it’s hell to hang it and it usually ends up dragging on the ground just before I get it on the line, meaning I have to wash it yet again. Just press the repeat button for this every other day and it’s hell.

  36. It is ok to put in the machine thats the easy part. I hate the hanging out and taking off the line.

  37. I live in a small apartment and have limited space, I normally have my fan on the washing to get it dry.

  38. The worst thing about doing laundry is washing by hand when there is load shedding and ironing !!
    followed on twitter @cheridene

  39. With Cape Town’s rainy/damp days this little beauty would definitely come in handy!
    LOVE the Spindel ♥

  40. The worst thing about doing laundry is when after all that hardwork and it’s time to go hang the laundry, then it starts raining! The Spindel would make my year in every imaginable aspect-more time for me and my little princess..*

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