No plans for Valentine’s Day? Well, best you enter fast! You and your partner stand the chance to WIN and experience Signature Romance with a romantic getaway at the African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel, on Sunday 14 February 2016.

One couple will WIN an indulgent night’s stay at the African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel in Johannesburg

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Located in the sought-after Melrose Arch Lifestyle Development, this unique urban hotel offers an outstanding combination of 5-star luxury, world-class service and distinctive design that’s as exceptional as their guests. From the moment you enter through the impressive wooden doors, you’ll be greeted by an exclusive ambience laced with our signature scent. Tailored furniture, stylish dining and sumptuous comfort combine to tempt your every sense, while flawless service elevates the experience into a class of its own.

The prize is valued at R2 975 and includes one night of luxury accommodation, a gourmet three course candlelit dinner, a rose petal romantic turndown and a champagne breakfast.


Comment below and tell us why you and your partner deserve a romantic getaway this Valentines Day

Competition closes 10 February 2016.
Winners will be selected randomly and notified via email.
Winners need to arrange their own transport to and from the venue.
This prize is only valid for Sunday 14 February 2016.

For the ultimate luxury accommodation visit the African Pride Hotel online.ap_logo_L


  1. Well, my husband used to be a romantic, things have changed drastically, he no longer celebrates Valentines day or any special occasion with me, he thinks its a waste of time, it would be awesome to bring back the spark and show him what he has been missing, he is after all my life choice and i would like to bring the old romantic him back ..

  2. My partner is blind and needs some rewards . Especially something he would never expect.

    For the whole of his life he has supported himself and others in his work and at home. Nearly twenty years ago he set up SAMBT: it employs qualified trainers to go into rural areas and townships throughout this country to train blind people to live and move around independently of others. Thousands have been trained by his small organisation.

    More than this, he has taken in two young people, one an orphan and the other in care. By himself he cared for them over many years. Last month one of them was stabbed and died.

    He needs to smile again.

  3. 2016 has been a rocky start but we’ve gotten through and no matter what where have each other. This would be such a break for us and some time to actually be with each other.

  4. I just want to show how much I appreciate him by going to the lengths of seeking this date , we are financially tight right now he has done a lot for me and our son I just want him to take a day out off the stress and everything just to spend time with me his lover. Not really expecting much this valentines.

  5. That moment when you know your soul has found its safe place is the most magical moment. I experienced that moment in 2011 when I first saw my guy drive up to church and walk in. I never made any move and he has always been a shy guy so it took a full year for him to muster up the courage to speak to me, in 2012, June. 3 and a half years later we are so looking forward to sealing our future as one. In the last 3 and ½ years, we have shared many laughs, many tears, moments of exquisite highs and utter lows. Our souls have become one. My man and I love travelling and no matter where we go we are so often asked if we are brother and sister. It warms my heart deeply to hear this, not only because we appear on the surface to be this way, but my man is my soul mate. He completes me as well as compliments me – emotionally, physically, spiritually and soulfully. We have a deep understanding of each other. He is my best friend, my protector, my provider, the greatest love of my life and the one I want to grow old and grey with. I cannot imagine one single day without having him in my life. We get along on every level and life feels complete knowing I have his heart and he has mine. My man is often out of the country on business, the times have called for a deeper level of trust and understanding and tolerance which is why the times we share together are so precious, genuine and sincere. I would love to surprise him and to pamper and spoil him a bit. It would be a sweet heavenly gift to be selected as the winner to win an indulgent night’s stay at the African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel in Johannesburg.
    We would love to be wined and dined. He works so hard for us and it’s the least I can do to ensure he receives a bit of pampering. To lie on that king-size bed r in the sought-after Melrose Arch Lifestyle Development in this unique urban hotel offering an outstanding combination of 5-star luxury, world-class service and distinctive design that is exceptional.
    We would love to be wined and dined and to be greeted by the exclusive ambience laced with a signature scent, to sit down on tailored furniture, stylish dining and sumptuous comfort combined to tempt our every sense, while flawless service elevates the experience into a class of its own. It would be a dream to experience one night of luxury accommodation, a gourmet three course candlelit dinner, a rose petal romantic turndown and a champagne breakfast with my dearest darling. I would just love to spend this time away, with my beloved. It would be incredibly awesome to be spoiled with a fabulous getaway! It would be a dream come true to share this with my soul mate!

  6. Hi Good Day. What a Wonderful and Awesome Experience to spend a Valentine and Birthday Celebration 15th February at the most sort after, world class service and renowed hotel “African Pride Melrose Arch”.
    Love to be there and make many more ” Memorable Memories , Ahhhhhh soooo romantic.
    God Bless
    Thank You.

  7. My husband and I will be married 29 years and have known each other an additional three years. We need some alone time, as my son has moved back home, and well need I say more…..

  8. I think it’s a fantastic give-away and anyone who wins it will deserve it. So many of us want something this special but not all of us can afford it. It’s my husband’s birthday as well, we have put all our plans on hold for the year because we have been paying off our studies. It will be a wonderful experience to win this and spend this magical weekend in such a glamorous place.

  9. Parenting our children whom we love too bits,My wife & I do not set enough time aside for ourselves as a couple. This will be a perfect opportunity for my wife and I to reacquaint, reconnect and get some much needed ‘Quality Time’ . This will seal the deal at one of Joburg’s luxury 5star hotels. #AfricanPrideMelroseArchHotel

  10. Every year on February 14th, many people all over the world exchange cards, chocolates, gifts or flowers with their special Valentine. For me it’s not about the material things… its about a special day of romance that I can enjoy exclusivley with the one I love. And a night at African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel would be an experience of a lifetime with my Valentine.
    Because love is not finding someone you can live with… its about finding someone you absolutely CANNOT live without.  <3

  11. My partner and I deserve this Romantic getaway because we recently started dating 08/01/2016 and this would be a great opportunity for us bond and share our love. It’s only been a few weeks but he’s really been good to me and the advise he gives really makes sense, he’s gentle, loving and caring. I would love to surprise him with the Romantic Getaway.

  12. GOOD DAY.

    i would like to win this award. i need a day with my husand.
    i need get time to spend with him because we dont have enough money to go out and we just got married pleasee

  13. We would never spend money on luxury like this ourselves – please help us to spoil ourselves and forget about school fees, bonds etc. for one night!

  14. We deserve a romantic getaway this Valentines Day and this place looks amazing to stay at We love to spend time together and just have “us time” We can’t afford a getaway like this for we are retired This will make it a perfect day to enjoy ourself and tell all our friends about this amazing place

  15. My boyfriend works night and weekend morning shifts, meaning we get very little time to ourselves amongst the chaos of day to day life. It would be wonderful to get away for a night, to a place we would never be able to go to.

    That….and because he still kisses me every night when he gets home at 2am, and still makes me smile every day 🙂

  16. We have been dating for a few months now and we have NEVER been away together yet. We are madly in love and both know that this is it. We would absolutely love to share a special weekend away at the beautiful African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel and we would both appreciate it so much.

  17. How soon is too soon to find love after being widowed….I was Lost in grief, and found myself drawn to the one man who could comfort me. He helped me to deal with my devastation, and I was embarking on a new love affair only a month after my husband’s death. We are going for our second year together after my friends and family drew their own conclusions. But as the weeks passed and the relationship continued, attitudes hardened. The last thing I wanted was to erase his memory. And sometimes I felt guilty, but grief hits people in different ways and I have no regrets. I realize how lucky I have been to have found love twice in my life and just want to show my appreciation towards him. This will be the Perfect Valentines Gift !!!!

  18. When I married her, I could not even afford the wedding from the earning I was making but this woman was willing to leave her home, follow me as a husband and start life from the bottom. We became homeless many times, she still encouraged me though I could see she was hurting. Many times people told her to leave this useless husband who is poor as she was the one who was taking care of the home because as a sales person on commission, many months it was a struggle to make descent income for our home. We became laughing matter in our young marriage but she never left me. I would dread walking in a mall with her and see all the beautiful things that all women love but I couldn’t even get her the simplest of things. When I would make a little money, I would take her to choose something and to my surprise, she would say, “Not now, lets put it away for months that lie ahead!” My heart would bleed for her yet her wisdom and sacrifice left me in awe! I lost my job, she still would go to work and come month end, she included me in financial decision of our home without ever saying she is the bread winner. Anniversaries came and I could only cook for her what we had in our home. So hard I prayed for a miracle to come my way for the sake of this woman who chose me despite a choice to choose a rich man. There are many times I was afraid she would go because she is attractive and men would make their intensions known to her, painfully I convinced myself I would understand if she leaves me because no person cango through all that for love. How can a woman leave her well to do family for a poor man and when they disowned her, she cried then picked herself up and carried on luving with me. I became an alcoholic, the most foolish decision I made, I struggled copying with staying at home. She cried many nights begging me to stop and get help. Eventually after 2 years, I’m recovering and she took her savings and helping me start of a business despise that I lost a business years ago. Im sober and when I think of alcohol I become angry to think how cruel we use it to destroy ourselves and our families. Its a new year and Im stronger on my feet as a husband, Im enjoying to wake up and do something with my life, a business Im loving. Im hopeful that in a soon coming day, it will grow and Im finally going to take her on a honeymoon. There’s a beautiful dress I saw, I will get it for her so that she looks like a queen she is. She is my heart!

  19. My husband has just come out of a wellness centre to recover from depression he battles with. We been through much and have lost our 2 babies in a short period of 2 years. We went through grief and unemployment and it felt like we are just alone in our time of need. Yet in it, we became each other’s closest friend and confidant. Little did we know that going through the fire, the waters and over mountains will test who we are as individuals and as a team. We are blessed to be passing the test and healing. I would love to encourage him further in his new found strength. Life is for the living and Im happy that he takes a daily decision to have small victories. These small victories will become his ultimate victory as days go by. Im happy for him!

  20. Oh Wow what a Spoil ❤️ I would actually LOVE to suprise my heavily pregnant sister & her husband – who live in Joburg with a valentines treat, as their 3rd child is due in Early March. My sister is full of kindness & love – truly feel she could do with some rest and love 🙂

  21. My wife and I are married for 18 years this year. It has been the most amazing 18 years of my life. My wife has made many sacrifices for our family and me. She is always sacrificing her time for us. We have two kids and do not get any alone time as life is hectic. I really wish we could win this to rekindle and just have some alone time. My wife is the most amazing lady I know and more beautiful than the day I met her.

  22. The 14th will not only be Valentines, but it will also be our 1 year anniversary! Took me long enough to find my soul mate!

  23. My lady and I are married for 33 years and we have been through good times and the usual speed wobbles. We always use the day to spend time alone and to remember the romantic times and laugh about the silly and challenging times. We are two different people who have over the years found the proverbial middle path. This prize will be awesome for us.

  24. My other half and i would love to win this because (just like everyone else) we’re in need of a bit of spoiling.

  25. My husband, Duane, runs a business. I hardly get to see him and spend quality time with him. It’s been a long time since we’ve been away and would love the opportunity to take a break…

  26. My partner and I will be celebrating our wedding in April 2016.
    Wedding planning without hiring a wedding planner is not as fun as we thought it would be.
    Further to that, we have both excitedly enrolled into post graduate courses and attend lectures every weekend. I would really like to win this prize ELLE, so that we may have a getaway to regroup, rejuvinate and relax in eachothers company. Lets call it a pre-wedding moon. Pretty please

  27. My husband works very hard at St John Eye Hospital at Baragwaneth, in Soweto. It would be a pleasant surprise for him, to be spoiled with a a romantic night at this gorgeous African Pride Hotel.

  28. last year my child was three months old on valentines day so we did not have time for us as a couple but this year she is 1 year and we can leave her with someone and have time for us. we got married on 18 February and this year its our four years in marriage so we need to go out just two of us and also celebrate our four years marriage anniversary. LOVE needs to be renewed.

  29. Hubby’s birthday is on the 17th Feb, we do not really celebrate cupid day but both really need the break as we have three boys and on any given day we are pushed to the limit. Time out from the mayhem is needed 😉

  30. The answer is simple. We have absolutely nothing planned!!! – because we are just too caught up with 2016. This would be an unforgettable experience for my partner and I to be surrounded with distinctive design and a signature scent unique to the African Pride Hotel – celebrating this day of love!

  31. Because I CRAVE it – he NEEDS it – and ELLE’s GOT IT it – the *perfect valentines recipe;
    *unique urban hotel
    *5-star luxury, world-class service
    *greeted by an exclusive ambience laced with our signature scent.
    *Tailored furniture, stylish dining and sumptuous comfort
    *flawless service
    *gourmet three course candlelit dinner,
    *a rose petal romantic turndown
    *champagne breakfast.

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