Win, an iPad, Notepad and Phone Case from Ordning & Reda worth R1140! To WIN, all you need to do is follow both @ELLE_Deco and @OrdningandReda on twitter, and comment at the bottom of this article telling us why you need these cases.
MARK clear

Ordning & Reda, originating from Sweden, designs, produces and distributes a range of high quality notebooks, bags, accessories, desktop soltuions and more.

The colours, design and usefulness of the products make maintaining order a pleasure, both at home and work. The range is carefully worked out to the tiniest detail and each product is the ultimate combination of smart design and functionality.

The MARK leather flip cover notebook is a unique take on the classic reporter-style notebooks, compact in size and perfect for jotting down notes on the go. The BIBBI Tablet Holder in croco embossed genuine leather is a stylish solution for protecting your tablet. The BIBBI Leather phone case doubles as a stylish key ring for an all-in-one solution to carrying your two most important accessories. Made of high-quality croco-embossed leather, it’s the perfect companion to the BIBBI Tablet Holder.

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  1. following both @ELLE_Deco and @OrdningandReda on twitter my user name:@thokozile8080

    I am an iPad and iPhone owner, and I love the white colour its bright and beautiful , I know that one of the best ways to keep my iPad and IPhone running great is to get a proper case for it,i like that leather cases supports the way I use both my devices, and it offers great protection and keeps it new and clean.

  2. I like the look, it is classy good quality and yet affordable. It qualifies as a gilt for a friend,girlfriend actually even elderly people wouldn’t mind such a case as a gift. It fits almost Everyone. In one word “dope”. I know its not the right to use but just extended my point If they fit everyone including childish people like me

  3. Sorry just to fix a few errors on my earlier comment. The last sentence was supposed to be “I know its not the right word to use but just to extend on my point they fit everyone. Let’s forget about the childish part

  4. I believe if you take the proper care of your iPad iPhone etc by keeping them in the correct cases/covers they will last longer and give better service!

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