We have found the best combination of art, music and creativity for you! Artmode is an event taking place on 13 November 2014 at the Youngblood Gallery in the heart of Cape Town’s City Bowl. It brings artists from all genres together in a collaborative event like no other. The project that aims to join together some of the top talent across multiple genres of art, music and creativity.

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Artmode provides a platform for both established and budding creatives to express themselves in an environment that aims to inspire the ultimate space to create.The line-up of showcased artists spans across a diversity of styles, mediums, forms and influences.

From minimal piano to electronica, to Graffiti Art, to mixed media – such as skateboard deck design, functional furniture design, live performances, sculptors, painters, dancers and many other acts. You will have the chance to interact with artists on the floor throughout the course of the evening.

Whether it is a live performance taking the imagination to the furthest boundaries, hypnotic electronic beats setting the mood, interpretative dance expressing the range of emotion through movement or contemporary art forms that go beyond the typical forms of art as we know it, Artmode is set to change the face of artistic expression in an event that will unite through the love of art. The line-up of participating artists is growing, with a current list available below.

Further details on the gallery can be found at http://youngblood-africa.com. For more information on World Design Capital, please visit http://www.wdccapetown2014.com.