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What does history really consist of? Centuries of people quietly going about their daily business – sleeping, eating, having sex, endeavouring to get comfortable. And where did all these normal activities take place? At home. 

This was the thought that inspired Bill Bryson to start a journey around the rooms of his own house, an 1851 Norfolk rectory, to consider how the ordinary things in life came to be.

And what he discovered are surprising connections to anything from the Crystal Palace to the Eiffel Tower, from scurvy to body-snatching, from bedbugs to the Industrial Revolution, and just about everything else that has ever happened, resulting in one of the most entertaining and illuminating books ever written about the history of the way we live, enhanced in this new edition by hundreds of stunning photographs and illustrations.

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A work of constant delight and discovery. Bryson’s wit is both dry and charmingly goofy. His great skill is to make daily life simultaneously strange and familiar, and in so doing, help us to recognise ourselves. At Home is a treasure: don’t leave home without it.’ – Sunday Telegraph

‘Enchanting…a book about reinventing the ordinary, and finding the extraordinary in the humdrum business of living…Bryson tackled science in his brilliant A Short History of Nearly Everything. This new book could as easily be categorised as ‘a short history of nearly everything else’…extraordinarily entertaining.’ – The Times

‘The much-loved writer takes the attention to detail that made A Short History of Nearly Everything such a fantastic guide to all things science, and applies it to our homes. Written in his laid-back style, this is a wonderful celebration of what makes a house a home.’ – News of the World


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