Now you can enjoy fresh, great tasting filtered water at home and on the go with BRITA®, the world’s favourite brand of home water filters. Manufactured in Germany for over 45 years to the highest quality standards, BRITA’s ® great looking products reduce levels of harmful substances found in tap water and offer an easy to use, cost effective alternative to bottled water.

One lucky reader stands the chance of winning a BRITA® hydration pack. You get to choose your favourite colour Marella jug, available in five spring colours plus an additional three MAXTRA replacement filters. The pack also includes two new Fill&Go filter bottles which won a REDdot design award in 2014, as well as two packs of replacement Fill&Go filters.

All you need to do is like both ElleDecorationSA and BRITASouthAfrica on Facebook, and comment at the bottom of this post telling us the where you tasted the worst water. |

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Competition closes 31 October 2014


  1. I lived on a farm and we had borehole water the best and when i moved to Pretoria and was forced to drink the horrible tap water, i started buying bottled water but it does gets expensive so would love BRITA HYDRATION PACK HAMPER please

  2. I live in Glendale abou t20 kms from Stanger (Kwa Zulu Natal). The water always make me sick so we come to Stanger every week and by filtered water from Spar or Checkers. Really really love to win this cause it will make my life so much easier

  3. I grew up in Lesotho. Although i lived most of my life in the capital, Maseru, we have many relatives in the heartland of the country. These still live in the rural areas and the kingdom itself is very impoverished. Resources are scarce and or limited. In one place which has a lot of my family. Mpharane, in the Mohale’s Hoek district, south of Maseru, the water is from natural wells. If it has rained the situation is even worsened. I drank water during the rainy season once when in that area. It was so tasteless I fell sick immediately!

  4. I would appreciate a Brita Hydration pack as the tap water in Alberton is dreadful and even smells bad from time to time!

  5. I tasted the worst water in Malawi. It was boiled but left the foulest taste in my mouth..thank goodness for stimoral!!

  6. With all the camping I have done, the worst water I ever had was at a campsite in Dar es salaam in Tanzania. Even with the purification tablets added it was just BAD..tasted like metal and sewage..if that makes sense!!!

  7. Ironically, the worst water I’ve ever tasted, was in a little town called Nuwerus (on the way to Springbok). The water was so brackish, I struggled to swallow it and in the end had a very upset stomach. Residents catch rainwater and this is used for household purposes. The water feels like lotion on your hands (it’s a weird, but nice feeling), but it tastes horrible. I found out later that they put glycerine on top of the water in the tank to keep bugs (mostly mosquitos) away, which might explain the silky feeling – interesting!

  8. We used to live in Bethal and my friend’s house had a borehole and it was the only water they would use! Oh my it was bad!!!! Even if you boiled it you would still get that awful taste! Yuck!

  9. Just outside Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, the water had a grease to it.

    Ps. the BRITASouthAfrica link that directly links to Facebook isn’t working.

  10. We went on a holiday up to Mozam to a small place that was still being developed. We were told to take with our own water which we did, but then forgot to take with to the bathroom when i brushed my teeth and just used the tap water, it was really gross!

  11. I was sent to Graaff Reinet for my comminuty service year, one my first day there I drank water from the tap- the worst I’ve ever tasted… I was I’ll for days after! Spent the next year just drinking mineral water 🙂

  12. Worst water had to be at a camping spot near Arniston ………..we had gone on a 10 hour hike and well that is all we had so even though it was terrible, it did do the job of quenching ones thirst lol

  13. Real “braakwater” at a holiday house we rented next to the Tugela River 🙂 so we had to go to nearest town miles away to buy bottled water.

  14. I have liked both ElleDecorationSA and BRITASouthAfrica on Facebook, I have tasted the worst water in India. I had to live off bottled water for my entire 4 weeks stay there. Was so happy when I arrived back in South Africa to our enjoy clean, fresh water.

  15. worst water has to be out our tap.. normal tap water. We stay in Amanzimtoti and our water has never been terribly bad, It just tastes a bit weird and sometimes when you pour it in a glass it looks white before turning clear.. I have for the last three years been boiling water and keeping the cooled water. I always drink it after its been boiled.. not straight from the tap any more.. Id love to filter my water before drinking it. would be so much healthier!!

  16. The worst water I tasted was in Grahamstown. Not only did the water taste vile, when you wanted to bath/shower, you thought you were suuuuper dirty because the water was so brown. Naff

  17. A lot of places have “awful water” and we are warned not to taste it – boil first before drinking. London has awful water – and South America too…but we survived on soft drinks and fruit juice….or did the British thing and drank tea!!

  18. Dearest Elle Deco,

    Ok, Jozi water is nasty but when it comes to the most vile water that I have tasted, India wins hands down! Ok, before you go on and tell me that you are not supposed to drink water in India. It is impossible as you have to use tap water to brush your teeth etc unless you are Mariah Carey and use Evian to rinse in the mornings. Well, I went on an overnight camel safari in the That desert in India and I ran out of bottle water so I was forced to drink from a well. The water tasted like camel dung and sand combined. Nasty! The things you got to do to survive hey:) So people bitch and moan about South Africa, guys and girls to be able to open your tap and be able to drink fresh water is an asset. We are lucky that we have “pure” water here to hydrate us but if you add Brita to this equation, the world would definitely be a better place:)
    P.S. Loved Elle Deco on Facebook, avid Twitter follower and LOVEd BRITA as well!

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