Mae Artisan Rugs are original pieces of skilfully crafted art, both contemporary and traditional. With bold colours, contemporary designs and refined detailing, a Mae Artisan rug will without a doubt be the luxurious focal point in your home. The diversity of materials, colours and patterns are sure to transform any room into a trendy, chic interior setting.

One lucky reader stands a chance of winning a Mae Artisan Rug worth R8 500. To enter, all you need to do is follow Elle Decoration on Twitter, follow Mae Artisan Rugs on Twitter and comment below telling us why this bespoke rug belongs in your home.

Entries closes 12 February 2015.


  1. I was having a good old chat with my living room the other day, and it told me, in no uncertain terms, that it is time for a new rug… It also mentioned that Elle Decoration and Mae Artisan Rugs were giving away the perfect rug to suit it’s style 🙂

  2. Not only is it beautiful but the authenticity of the design and bespoke vibe will blend in my home and bring it to life…

  3. I have an eclectic style with retro, mid-century modern chairs and more classically modern moveable shelving. The Mae Artisan Rug has a contemporary and retro style that would tie my room together. Kinda like the dudes rug from ‘The Big Lebowski’.

  4. Oh my, its stunning!! Such amazing quality and looks just soooo beautiful!! I love how it brings the room together, makes it so cozy yet also stands out and makes its own statement! I would love something so gorgeous in my home, would be such a talking point! I love making my home feel homely yet also look good, this rug would be so amazing to own!! Holding thumbs tight

  5. Hallo sal dit nie wonderlik wees as die kinders en kleinkinders kom kuier,en die mooi rug le op die vloer,eerste sal die kleintjies se ouma jul meenthuis lyk nou so mooi , met die nuwe rug,nou sal ouma en oupa nie so koud kry in die winter nie.want ouma hulle se voete sal nou lekker warm kry. WOW so mooi.

  6. After immigrating back to Cape Town with our twin baby boys 2 years ago, I finally feel in a good space to concentrate on re-decorating our home; this rug would work so well in our open plan dining room space!

  7. THIS has been my number one item on my wish list since last year when I was first introduced to Mae Rugs via FB! LOVE love the designs and textures used. So unique and inspiring. Not too mention currently I have a sad looking rug my mom passed along to me. 🙁 LOVE want NEED! 🙂 <3

  8. My husband and I moved into our home over 2 years ago and have slowly chosen decor though carefully left empty spaces for the pieces that we’re not sure is supposed to fit just yet.

    For a long time I’ve felt a rug would be wasted lying on the floor and have a blank wall next to our stairs that I now believe is waiting to be filled by a Mae Artisan Rug.

  9. As The Dude from The Big Lebowski kept saying: “That rug really tied the room together.”

    Well, I NEED one of those for my apartment. A rug to tie the room and all my quirky, vintage and retro finds together.

  10. A rug is meant to be the focal point in a room and oh HOW MUCH does my dining room need a focal point! ?

    SO MUCH!!!

    The room needs it and I need it even more.

    This is so unique and one of a kind, just like me ; ) I really love this bright design: http://www.maerugs.com/collection/

  11. following Elle Decoration and Mae Artisan Rugs on Twitter : username:@thokozile8080

    I love the Rug its beautiful, original piece of art for the floor it has a contemporary design feeling and modern refined details .It’s a perfect art piece, a luxurious focal point within a room. I love the diversity of material used, the colours and patterns used are unique and innovative .It would fit in perfectly I my house ,it will give the room a luxurious , glamorous ,classy and stylish look .

    awesome prize 🙂

  12. I once had a beautiful rug that complimented my lounge, but my aging cat mistook it for his kitty litter, a number of times… So I’ve had no rug for a number of years, to avoid the lingering stench! Now my aged pussy cat is sadly no more, and one of those rugs would look superb in my home. This would really brighten my mood and humble abode.

  13. I need something to transform my lounge area into a trendy, chic setting and the Mae Artisan Rug will be the perfect item to do that. I can envision it to be the focal point of the entire open space.

  14. I have just moved in to my very own student pad,
    Having this gorgeous rug will sure make me glad,
    As the nasty orange rug that is in my lounge sure makes me sad,
    I can’t say much as it was a parting gift from my dad,
    I know that this gorgeous new rug from Mae Artisan will transform my style,
    I know that it will be a focal part of my home and will put a smile on my dial,
    so please pretty please, Elle Deco, make my wish come true,
    I promise to remain forever grateful to the style icon and thats you!

  15. This has my name written all over it. My coffee table is currently sitting atop a very sad looking rug that does it no justice at all. A Mae rug would be just what I need to get my lounge a bit of a facelift! February also happens to be my birthday month *hint hint *

  16. I have just moved into my first house, it’s an Old English style house with wooden floors and beautiful molded high ceilings. This luxury contemporary rug from Mae Artisan will help the living room take on the style and atmosphere I’m trying to create. Mixing old fashioned beauty with modern chic. I love it! #megalove

  17. A good rug is a key element in creating a homely space in a living room. I feel it has a dual function it is both decorative and it makes the living area seem warmer thus drawing you in and giving you somewhere to sit on comfortably on the floor. I would really love this rug to complete my flat! It looks very cool!

  18. I’ve finally decided to discard all the passed on, lived in too long, previous-flat-mate inherited items in my apartment and redecorate my home in a style that reflects who I am. This rug is the perfect piece de resistance to create a living room space that is chic, contemporary and timeless.

  19. I love the contemporary designs of Mae rugs. A Mae rug would be the perfect statement piece in the entrance area of my house! It will give that WOW factor to my home.

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